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Tudip Technologies- Offering Cost-Effective & Flexible Solution to Achieve Excellence

tudip-dipti-agarwal-ceo“Creating a niche’ by offering cutting edge integrated services across technologies empowered by innovation, best in class process and best of breed technology.”

A value driven Software Services Company, Tudip Technologies delivers excellence in terms of dedicated and business-centric web solutions incorporated with innovation and expertise as the tools to achieve business goals.

Transforming organizations to win the flat world, at Tudip they offer flexible, customized, personalized and cost-effective outsourcing solutions and ensure the utmost confidentiality of sensitive business data and on-time and on-budget delivery. Their engagement models are flexible enough to meet the needs of both small and large business clients.

Founded in the year 2010, Tudip Technologies specializes in Product Development, Web Applications Development, Mobile Applications (iPhone and Android), Phone Gap, Websites Development, Testing (both manual and automated), ERP & CRM Implementation and maintenance, Consulting across domains, Cloud Computing, Big Data. The company prides themselves in defining practical solutions that deliver value for their clients and differentiates from other competitors by being a strategic forward thinking consulting group, defining complete business solutions, processes, technology, metrics and revenue.

Understanding the value and principles of today’s dynamic environment, they know that who they are as an organization, and what they stand for, are as important as what they sell. Values being their essential and enduring tenets- a small set of general guiding principles and cannot be compromised for financial gain or short term expediency. They consider “Integrity, Innovation, Serenity” to be their key values.

Unique Services Offered

WEB APPLICATIONS- Responsive web application development across the domains and technologies.
MOBILE APPLICATIONS- Native, HTML5 and Hybrid mobile application development.
CMS- Expertise in Magento, Drupal, WordPress and OpenCart.
CLOUD- End to end cloud infrastructure management, across the public and private clouds.
TESTING AUTOMATION- Manual, Automation and performance testing.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT- 24/7 technical support.

Tudip’s Portfolios

  • PHP
  • JAVA
  • RUBY

Serving multiple customers across multiple industries, Tudip has gained trust of over 135 clients. Their freely share their ideas and business strategies and vouch for their technological and process innovations .Their high quality, cost effective, reliable and scalable services have helped them in building an enduring relationship with our clients and customers. The team Tudip, endeavor’s to be Global partner of first choice for their customers with leadership in specific domains to help the customers accelerate the value creation process.

Client Testimonial
“In today’s climate we’re dealing with cost reductions, changing technology and maintaining service levels. It’s important to consider a Technology company that can assist us drive business value. Tudip has been an excellent partner that understands both the critical issues facing their customers and leveraging technology to implement business solutions. The most notable attributes for Tudip are in the areas of professionalism, ethics, technical expertise and commitment to its customers” Ed Burns – SLGInnovation Inc.

“The Tudip team is great! They are effective, knowledgeable, and very flexible to suit your needs as a client. Their team is well versed and their customer service is unlike others in their field – you run the business as you need to, and Tudip will meet the required goal. I would recommend them to anyone who needs an international resource.”
Justin Marinovich – AdworxUSA

“Their great service, just got better with superb project management software. Working with Tudip is now a dream come true. I heartily recommend their services to anyone needing help with web application development.”
Kenneth AarMaxmedia

“Tudip has been developing applications for us for almost 3 years now. I was very happy to find an Indian company with well-spoken and reliable people. Before starting to work with them we went to India and saw their office. We’ve been treated very nicely and I’m safe to say we gained a reliable business partner, as well as good friends. They proved to be able to get a project live and running, and I am happy to grow my business together with them.” David Schaap – Nyon Business B.V.

We are agile. We are responsive. We solve problems. And we solve them really well.”- Tudip Technologies