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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

Unlocking the Value of Data: Paradox Engineering

“Established in 2005, Paradox Engineering is a technology company that designs and markets solutions and services enablingSmart Cities and Industry 4.0 in the Internet of Things age.”

The history of the Internet is about the evolution of a global system of interconnected objects, where millions of private, public, academic, business, and government organizations exchange information, services and other resources. No matter the nature of these objects or the technology to access the network, the paradigm of the Internet continues over generations, connecting objects to generate and consume data.

Based out of Novazzano, Switzerland, Paradox Engineering conceives technologies which commit to the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm and enable customers to unlock the value of data, leveraging information to shape and grow their business strategies and their services. Now part of the Japanese Group Minebea Co. Ltd., the world’s leading comprehensive manufacturer of high-precision components, which acquired full capital and assets of Paradox Engineering SA in July 2015, the company conceives and markets solutions for cities and companies to collect, transport, store and deliver any kind of data lying in urban or industrial objects, transforming information into actionable intelligence to feed business decisions, and providing the infrastructure to deliver on field actions.

Future proof solutions for smart urban networks
Flagship solution within Paradox Engineering’s portfolio, PE.AMI is an open standard based platform enabling a smarter management of any urban service, from energy distribution to WiFi and broadband connectivity, from street lighting to public parking, from video surveillance to emergency services, and many more. Fully IoT ready, PE.AMI allows municipalities and utilities to add intelligence to urban objects (meters, light poles, parking lots, etc.) and connect them into a citywide network to exchange relevant information and control them from remote, with clear benefits in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, efficiency and cost saving, energy consumption and greenhouse emissions reduction. Key feature of PE.AMI is the possibility to host multiple services over the same architecture, even if deployed over time, allowing customers to schedule consecutive developments according to upcoming priorities and resources availability.

Paradox Engineering also offers PE.WSNi, the IPv6/6LoWPAN modular wireless mesh sensor network platform for smart industrial infrastructures, and PE.STONE, coreOEM IPv6/6LowPAN RFmodule for developers and companies willing to build their own IoT and smart solutions.

Case Study
In the Swiss city of Chiasso, Paradox Engineering has been working with local utility AGE SA since 2013 to gradually implement a smart urban network.They currently leverage PE.AMI platform to manage street lighting and other urban applications, such as public Wi-Fi in some city areas, traffic video surveillance along the ring road through IP cameras, and a pilot smart metering project. AGE and the City of Chiasso are now planning to extend PE.AMI network to a smart parking project and test some pioneer drone applications in the same area, thus pushing the idea of Smart City even further.

Executive Thought
Tell us something about Paradox Engineering’s history.
We were born as a telecommunication company, serving the niche but very interesting market of industrial data transportation. We initially developed a one-stop-shop business model providing virtual networks to connect any customer industrial operation site and enable remote and condition monitoring programs. Then we pushed the concept further by designing and engineering pioneer technologies to implement unique interoperable and highly scalable IPv6/6LoWPAN bidirectional network infrastructures for industrial and urban applications. As a matter of fact, we came to offer an integrated portfolio of future proof solutions for the IoT, enabling any kind of smart service and environment. Being part of Minebea, we are now capitalizing on our vision, know-how and technologies to accelerate the success of the Group in the IoT and smart markets, develop cutting edge technologies and transform Minebea products into IoT ready solutions.

How is Paradox Engineering different from others in the domain?
Customers and partners acknowledge our clear vision and innovation culture, as well as our outstanding competences and capabilities in radio design, network design and management, low power consumption and data collection. Paradox
Engineering’s technology is really unique, providing future proof hardware and software network platforms for smart industrial and urban infrastructures, always based on open standards and ready for the IoT. We also offer greater value thanks to our global network of strategic partners. We can leverage Minebea’s technological excellence and worldwide presence, at the same time working with a consolidated network of highly skilled partners. For instance, our solid ecosystem includes Tinynode, Swiss company specialized in wireless vehicle detection systems and smart parking technologies, and Syllogism Systems, innovative electronic design center located in the South of Italy.

Knowing the Key Executive
Gianni Minetti, CEO and President
Gianni founded Paradox Engineering in 2005, and he’s currently responsible for corporate governance and business direction. Before, he worked as director of information systems in international corporations and as consultant in project management, leadership, and software engineering methodologies. Gianni owns a MSC Computer Science at Università degli Studi in Milan (Italy) and has a master degree in Program and Project Management from University of British Columbia (Canada).

“We help customers unlock the value of data through the unique technology solutions we design and develop.”