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Vizury: Meet the Tech Marvel Evolved as Growth Market Powerhouse

thesiliconreview chetan kulkarni vizury“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  –Steve Jobs

Established as one of the popular growth marketing ‘Technology Company’ and platform that drives user retention and incremental conversions for commerce, finance and travel brands, Vizury is quite a renowned name in the technology world. Having presence in over 40 countries with over 400 clients and over 200 proud and passionate Vizurians, the company is all in growth-mode. Ever since 2008 and bedroom-banter on big data analytics and innovations along the way, the Vizury story has been on a growth high.

Taking 3 key pillars, Data, Marketing and Technology, Vizury has evolved into a Growth Marketing powerhouse giving customers 3 products: Engage Commerce, Engage Finance and Engage Travel. Today, Vizury personalizes customer conversations delivering measurable metrics in the form of conversions for commerce, leads for banks, and yields for travel brands. Vizury Engage, the Growth Marketing Platform leverages machine learning capabilities to generate user level predictions and 1:1 messaging. An atomic technology stack that tightly integrates user data with advanced industry expertise helps their platform execute omni-channel marketing strategies.

Here’s is their story

Innovating, securing, and performing - The story doesn’t stop with that. Along the way there have been a series of innovations delivering more value to the marketer while their marketing tools help deliver to him his customer. With algorithm-magic, the performance of marketing campaigns takes a leap forward, delivering more customers that matter.

Flooring the growth accelerator- Next 2 years Vizury sets up shop in 20 countries with more than 200 customers wondering. Vizury’s single-minded focus on going where 98% of the customers are leads to a series of innovations.

Webconvert is born. Hi fives and laying anchor - Ojas and Inventus Capital like what they see with WebConvert and wallets are loosened.

The start-up-in-a bedroom story - Circa 2008-09, one apartment, 5 people, strong belief, clear idea – it’s the beginning where friends and family pitch in with money, support, cheerleading and of course endless cups of coffee.

And didn’t stop at the doodles- During the course of their idle doodles and quick bites and endless cups of coffee, the 3 founders, Chetan, Gourav and Vikram have an epiphany. They realize 3 things: * Marketers have data * Data isn’t helping them secure more customers * Technology can help bridge that gap The trio wanted to not only help marketers “show them the money”, but secure customers.

It all started at lunch - 3 friends, working at the same company, Trilogy (the number 3 may have a lead role to play in this story, Trilogy for starters), have lunch, discuss state of affairs. Their discussions lead to a simple question: why aren’t most marketers able to capitalize on 98% of the customers?

Meet the Leaders

Chetan Kulkarni CEO- Chetan is the co-founder and CEO of Vizury. Curious about the psychology of shoppers and passionate about technology, realising the power of data technology and marketing, Chetan, hit the sweet spot when he combined the three and founded Vizury, to deliver dramatically improved results to marketers. Under Chetan’s stewardship, Vizury has made innovation its motto, expanded its product portfolio and expanded its global base and widened its reach. Prior to co-founding Vizury, he was a part of the Business Value Group in Trilogy Inc. where he worked with Fortune 500 companies to establish business value from Trilogy’s solutions. He holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, India and a Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, India.

Vikram Nayak, CTO- Vikram is the CTO and one of the co-founders of Vizury. Picking only the best, Vikram has built the engineering team at Vizury from scratch. He currently oversees product architecture and technology development besides driving people to think out-of-the-box and keep innovation at the forefront of everything they do.Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Vikram was part of the enterprise solutions group at Trilogy (renamed Versata) where he handled pricing, configuration and project management. Vikram has a Masters degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and holds a patent in the database interface architecture field. 

Gourav Chindlur, COO- Gourav co-founded Vizury with Chetan and Vikram. He heads Product Development at Vizury. He is a passionate technologist and curious about how technology could be leveraged to dramatically improve mobile marketing by studying user micro behaviour.Earlier, Gourav as part of the business value group at Trilogy,  he was involved in developing customer acquisition strategies for Automobile manufacturers and Telecom operators across US & India markets. His experience at Trilogy and Motorola and his own innate curiosity helped Gourav get in-depth knowledge of how technology and data analytics could change the game for marketers. A Computer Science engineer from RVCE, Bangalore, Gourav has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. He also holds a patent in the field of radio communication.

Product Offerings

Engage commerce

As a Commerce Marketer, one might want to do all of it – Bring in new users, engage existing ones, grow conversions and loyalty. With Engage Commerce, action all of this from a single platform is possible. Connect with your users across devices and channels seamlessly. Personalize user experience and engage users both on your website/app and everywhere else in the digital world.

Browser Push Notifications- Get started with the easiest Browser Push Notifications and retarget your ecommerce website users even when they’ve dropped off your website.

Personalized Carousel Push Notifications- Send personalized Push Notifications and recommend more than one product in a single Push.

Dynamic Emails to reach across devices- Create specific target segments and send 1-1 personalized emails.

Predict and prevent app uninstalls- Pre-empt uninstalls and run cross channel retention campaigns and target users likely to uninstall you app.

Display Retargeting and re-engagement- Bring back cart drop-offs or Re-engage inactive users and get them back into the purchase cycle with precisely calibrated display ads.

Cross Channel Optimization- Choose the right channel and reach out to multi-screening users with customized messaging across devices and channels for
better brand recall.

Engage Finance    

Your customers transact with you using different devices and channels. It could be online or offline. Engage, helps influence customer journeys and enhance their experiences across this tour. Customers transact with using different devices and channels. It could be online or offline. Engage, helps influence customer journeys and enhance their experiences across these touch points for greater engagement and eventually sales. 

Solving 6 crucial marketing problems for Banks

Personalized website experience for net banking customers for better up-sell- Trigger real-time messages based on user behavior across website, mobile site, app and offline store transaction data. Identify net banking customers among the massive pool of website visitors and personalize pop-ups and banners on your website for them. Push online behavior data back into your EDW to enrich your existing user scorecards. Upto 10% higher sales to net banking customers is now possible with Engage.

Reach your unreachable customers on Facebook- Build uninterrupted customer engagements. Engage’s Customer One-View helps you identify DNC (Do Not Call) customers on Facebook. Customize your ads to promote relevant offers/products and stay relevant to your audience. With Engage’s Customer Scorer and segment customers as HOT and COLD before you target them on Facebook.

Optimizing display media spends- With Engage there are three ways to do this and get upto 15% cost savings across display channels.

  • Engage allows you to show lead generation ads only to new users and block all account holders from such ads.
  • With Engage’s Free-Before-Paid feature, you can run campaigns on owned channels like email, sms before you activate paid and programmatic marketing.
  • Reach users where they are most active. Find the right channel for every customer with Engage.

thesiliconreview-cover-startup-16-ocCross-channel personalization and synchronization- Connect with your customers across channels. Have engaging conversations with them as they switch from desktop to mobile and social. With Engage, your customer engagements are never disrupted. Engage can help you save 10% of your marketing spends.

Multi-channel marketing to boost credit card/loan sales to account holders- Gather online and offline behavioral traits for your account holders and determine those interested to purchase a credit card or avail a loan. Target them with the right message across five different marketing channels. With Engage’s multi-channel marketing platform, connect with account holders wherever they are most active and drive upto 20% higher sales.

Generating HOT leads from your website visitor-pool- Engage helps you gauge the value of every visitor on your website. Is he an existing customer? Which product is he interested in? Along with answers to such questions, Engage’s Customer Scores help you classify your website visitors as COLD, WARM and HOT leads. You can use Engage’s marketing platform to reach out to HOT leads across other websites and generate 25% more relevant leads when compared to search marketing.

Engage travel

Here’s how Engage can help airlines marketers

Yield management- Find users with the right propensity to purchase on specific routes/days/classes and offer limited period discounts. Use Engage’s cross-channel marketing platform to reach such users across 8 different channels and prompt bookings. Integrate your yield management strategy with marketing for greater ROI.

Personalized marketing- Place users at the center of your marketing conversations. Personalize offers for every user based on their behavior and interests. For example, share discount codes for long haul flights, double miles for loyalty members, and business upgrade for premium economy users for business travellers and so on. Gone are the days of mass communication and mass offers.

Super-fast Speed to Market- Gather insights, formulate marketing strategies and execute them flawlessly through a single platform. With Engage, your entire audience and the preferred marketing channels are at your fingertips. A few clicks and you will see your cross-channel user engagements in action. No more waiting for agencies to come up with your media plan.

Cross-channel personalization and synchronization- Connect with your customers across channels. Have engaging conversations with them as they switch from desktop to mobile and social. With Engage, your customer engagements are never disrupted. Engage can help you save 10% of your marketing spends.

Mobile marketing that works in sync for Facebook and Display- Engage connects with users where they are most active on mobile. An active Facebook user will be shown Newsfeed ads while an avid news website visitor will be shown display ads on the website that he frequently visits. Synchronize your mobile ads and maximize your mobile marketing ROI

 Unified online-offline marketing- Bring together your online and offline marketing onto a single platform. With Engage, your recommendations, offers or just conversations with a single customer are unified for a consistent brand experience across touch points. 

 “Together we don’t do just marketing; we help grow businesses and eventually the brand.”