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“We are agile. We are responsive. We solve problems. And we solve them really well”: Tudip Technologies

thesiliconreview-dipti-agrawal-ceo-cofounder-tudip-technologies-2017Over the past few years, the software industry has been witnessing dramatic changes with important implications both for users as well as producers of software products and services. Not all the changes are verdant; many companies are finding it quite difficult to deal with their software requirements.

To fill the void in the industry and to deliver excellent business-centric web and mobile solutions incorporated with innovation and expertise, two sharp engineering minds from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur started Tudip.

Founded on 5th April 2010, Tudip Technologies is a value-driven Software Services company. The company was started with an innate vision that India has a lot more to offer by delivering cutting-edge technological solutions to game-changing ideas, instead of being just a back office staff for other giants of the world. The company was started with just 4 people and today, Tudip is a family of 250+ engineers which are growing every year with a growth rate of 100% both in terms of revenue and head-count.

In a market which is changing at a higher pace than ever, newer and better technologies are coming into the play on a daily basis. Tudip has been really agile in picking up newer technologies. The company looks at the emergence of newer technologies as a level playing field as none of the older companies have a bulk portfolio to show off. With a constant focus on web and mobile applications, Tudip is doing some really amazing work in IoT, cloud, and AR which will drive the market for next few years to come.

Territory Marked

Tudip provides a one-stop solution to client’s every technical need. With a proven track record of taking one-liner business idea and converting it into a scalable market-ready product, Tudip provides software development services, primarily in the web, mobile, IOT, DevOps and QA automation space. The company has great desires to venture into newer technologies and unexplored domains and have crafted a niche as MVP Experts with over 250 successful products deliveries till date that helped its clients becoming resounding success stories in their domains.

Picking up the right set of technologies is always a critical task for companies to attain any business excellence. Tudip Technologies have seen game-changing improvement in the field of software development since the technologies like React, Node, and Angular have come to the market. And the company has been really agile in adapting to these at right time and this is something which separates Tudip from its competitors. Apart from this Tudip have an incredibly young and hardworking workforce that is being mentored by developers who had been hands-on coders for years now and have iterated through entire agile product development life cycle multiple times.

With the towering success and popularity, today, Tudip serves 200+ clients in its journey of 7+ years. The US and Europe serve home for most of their clients. However, the company has a clientele base touching 6 continents of the world. Few renowned customers of Tudip are Google, Adobe, LinkedIn, and NPMJS. Also, some well-known startups Tudip is helping are Livongo, Datos IO, Innit etc.

Tudip: “Our growth is the testimony of the quality of work we are doing for our clients.”

Because of all the recommendations and the good relationship, Tudip has maintained with its clients, for most of the time in past 7 years the company was able to grow even without having a sales team.

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your help in building this app. I’m most thankful to your team and their commitment to this project. The team did excellent work, they single-handedly pretty much built this platform. I really owe you a lot for this dedication. You are definitely one of the smartest guys and thinkers that I have met throughout my career so special thanks goes to you all. I’m looking forward continuing working with you. Thank you again, we had our first customer (without advertising much) and we are waiting for the feedback :) Finally, this is happening.” - Nicholas Nadirashvil, Gamebook.

“The Tudip team is great! They are effective, knowledgeable, and very flexible to suit your needs as a client. Their team is well versed and their customer service is unlike others in their field - you run the business as you need to, and Tudip will meet the required goal. I would recommend them to anyone who needs an international resource.” - Justin Marinovich, AdworxUSA.

The Mission Statement

For the day 1, the company wanted to make sure that its clients and the product vision remain the focal point of everything that everyone does at Tudip. And that still remains Tudip’s mission statement, and it is not just a line on some fancy gold plated board, but something that the company successfully inculcated in its culture and this eventually reflects in every decision that the team makes at Tudip.

Meet the Fantastic Duo

Dipti Agrawal is the Co-Founder and CEO of Tudip Technologies and is one of the remarkable names betwixt the flourishing women entrepreneurs who believe that providing values to clients is of utmost importance where money just acts as a derivative in accomplishing that process. As a value addition, her feat lies in the fact that she has worked with diverse multinational billion dollars + club companies and has a remarkable domain expertise with right kind of exposure to international markets.

Tushar Apshankar is the Co-Founder and CTO of Tudip Technologies and he breathes, eats and lives to code. It had been said, that he is the coolest CTO in the business. He holds MS degree from the prestigious Louisiana State University, USA. He has been part of quite a few successful product and services start-ups in his career.

“We are very adaptable. We believe every client is different and every client’s needs are different. We work in sync with client’s vision and its working preference.”