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“We bring our customers' vision to life by solving business challenges with cutting edge technologies, innovations and modern efficiencies”: Terawe Corporation

thesiliconreview-anil-balakrishnan-ceo-terawe-corporation-17In a few years, cloud computing will be essential for the continuity of the Internet itself as a whole. The need for physical space, high energy costs and especially the ideology that we can have a better economy and access to technologyharnessing  idle resources to work with, will – and already do – necessitate that the need for increased adoption of cloud computing is a global reality.

Unlike in case of physical servers, as there are already a pool of machines, i.e., a structure of computers ready for use, cloud computing allows you to increase or decrease the resources of your server in seconds.

There is a increasingly optimal usage of server resources, which, once working together, allow the full use of memory, processing, disk space, etc. The more we enter the digital world, the more we realize that speed is critical for decision making, whether positive or negative. Everything in cloud computing is connected and allows immediate interaction, changes are applied at the time sent and a better use of time is also felt.

It has been a challenge for most businesses these days on how to get the most reliable business tool to use. Data analytics turn to be one of the most core areas in the market. To enhance a business is not an easy task. The importance of data analytics is truly amazing. It can make a business massively successful. Having a small business is also a difficult task to handle and manage, but if you have the proper business tool being used, you can be sure enough that you can optimize and grow your business in the right ways. Data analytics ofis now an integral part of the software as a service model. It overcomes the mixture of the deployment cycles, IT infrastructure, higher expenses and complex upgrade processes. It requires traditional on basis trade intelligence solutions. There is a new genre of data analytics platform recently that emerged. It is easy and simple to set up and easy to use as well. It can deliver quick business value and corporate results.

Terawe Corporation made a deliberation of embracing Cloud computing and data analytics which turned to be a reality in 2013. The company’s mission is to empower businesses and embrace modern digital transformation successfully

The firm wanted to make a difference and it had several ideas and also wanted the freedom to innovate and focus. Terawe Corporation first chose education as the starting vertical as it was close to heart. It wanted to use the cloud to serve the global good. With its digital education services and learning software, it is actively combating illiteracy in the developing world.

“Our unique platform helps K-12 and adult learners read and write despite limited access to learning resources. Our work in expanding access to technology and education in remote areas is a powerful response to the lack of internet and communication technology within the developing world. We have then ventured into other verticals with innovative solutions in areas such as Healthcare and Retail,” says the CEO, Anil Balakrishnan.

The initial launch- Terawe's Chekhov service

Terawe's Chekhov service allows users to write and record dynamic eBooks which help learners develop reading and writing skills. ServicesThis digital education service helps students learn how to read through illustration, word recognition, and voice, all localized to the student’s native language. The power of a voice-enabled solution allows students to learn to read without having a literate adult or teacher there to teach them directly.

In CEO Anil Balakrishnan’s words

Could you elucidate about your company expansion, the tussles encountered and your piece of advice to peers?

Solution centric development has been the key to our getting off on the right track. We started with Education which was successful, then expanded to more verticals such as service providers. One of the key aspects of our process has been mapping trends with problems. The approach to always work back from customer problem and deriving an end-to-end solution - being solution centric - made us successful. Key Major initial  challenge was to try expanding too fast into different verticals which requires domain knowledge.

What can peers learn: Careful, thoughtful expansion strategy is key, rather than expanding from the get-go

Explicate about your upcoming solutions and your vision of the company in the coming years.

Terawe does not think in terms of products, rather in terms of solutions and services. It has upcoming solutions in retail and healthcare. Its most recent solution is GaliEye Retail Intelligence. Terawe is a pioneer in data analytics. Future is about data, and it wants to be in the center. Data as a Platform, where people can have intelligent insights anywhere, anyplace, anytime is the vision that we want to enable.

Shake hands with the ace: Anil  Balakrishnan, CEO

With over 20 years of tech industry experience, Anil has created a diverse and strong team that has in-depth expertise that enables customers to build turnkey E2E solutions for several industry verticals. Anil has a proven track record to generate revenue and EBITA growth, identifying and delivering unique software solutions for customers in a challenging, dynamic, and competitive market. With his extensive experience in creating products and solutions for on-premises, hybrid and cloud services - he enjoys enabling small, medium, and large organizations achieve business and technical objectives. He enables customers across several industry verticals - including manufacturing with IoT initiative, Smart Retail enabling brick to click conversions, and in predictive machine learning algorithms for key healthcare scenarios. Anil also leads from the front on several education initiatives partnering with organizations including UNESCO and World Vision across Africa, Americas and Asia. He leads Terawe’s mission by providing high value tailored solutions to customers, and empowering them for better sustainability and greater efficiencies - with technology, innovation and strategic partnerships.

“We build immersive customer experiences – mobile and social; bridging cloud, IoT, intelligence and analytics for modern businesses.”