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“We build, deploy, integrate, and maintain practical technology solutions employing a holistic and responsive approach”: CABEM

thesiliconreview-jay-fredkin-ceo-cabem-17We are committed to provide the best, most cost effective software solutions for your organization.

CABEM Technologies is an expert in custom software and business applications providing products and services that help you achieve your objectives. CABEM works with the academic, government and business communities. CABEM Offer Practical Solutions. From ERP and Legacy Systems, to GUI and Information Design, CABEM builds workable technology solutions to address your organization's unique requirements.

CABEM Technologies was founded in early 2002. A small business with a core heritage in custom software development, CABEM provides sophisticated software products, solutions, and technology services to a discerning client base. With expertise in three core services, Information Security, Software Solutions, and Support Services, CABEM routinely provides technology solutions to a variety of industries including academia, testing, and government, environmental, health care, manufacturing, military, and aerospace.CABEM Technologies’ mission is to delight its clients with unparalleled service and technology solutions, to respect and inspire its employees, and to conduct our business with the utmost integrity and social responsibility.

Services Outlook

Livia Platform:

  • Secure and stable web-based platform
  • More cost effective than custom solutions
  • More flexible than pre-built solutions
  • Over 1 million users

Information Security

  • Risk evaluation, analysis, and mitigation plan development
  • Standards and security system evaluation and compliance
  • Risk mitigation, consultation, and implementation
  • Continuous monitoring and system diligence services

Software Solutions

  • Business analysis and requirements documentation
  • Design, develop, and test your custom application
  • Deploy, maintain, and enhance
  • Windows or UNIX/ Linux domain

 Support Services

  • Technical and application support
  • Documentation for technical, admin, and users
  • Training for technical admin and users
  • Usability studies and recommendations for application improvement

Products Portfolio

Competency Manager: The Competency Manager increases employee proficiency, decreases organizational costs and organizational risk, all while standardizing practices across an enterprise.Developed with ISO Quality Systems, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S), HR, Medical, and regulated industries in mind, the tool automatically monitors whether requirements are being satisfied and identifies underperforming areas.

Workplace Trainer: Workplace Trainer is a cost-effective and user friendly LMS that allows you to create your own curriculum, centralize and manage your employees’ training progress, and streamline your training workflow. The web-based platform is designed to replicate your organizational structure and managerial responsibilities, and is ideal for businesses desiring enterprise solutions.

Workload Manager: CABEM’s Enterprise Workload Manager is a collaborative web-based software platform used to automate production systems. Designed for both manufacturing and services, the application manages processes and schedules assets, activities, audits/witnessing, and information. Capable as a standalone application or integrated with others, the Enterprise Workload Manager is a powerful solution.

Test Report Manager: TRM is a web based data management system that allows test laboratories to network, monitor, and record data. It uses the template manager to allow for search, backup, and to render and publish reports of results. TRM is supplied as an integrated hardware and drop-in software solution. The system runs with a wide variety of new and old equipment, regardless of the manufacturer and platform.

Case Study: A Testament of success

Problem – Build a Training Tool:

One of CABEM’s customers was in need of a system that was capable of providing company-wide online training for employees. The challenge was to build an easy-to-deploy application that would allow employees to take optional and mandatory training. Subject Matter Experts and admins would be able to easily configure and track the training program and progress of all employees, and the system needed to be able to keep all the training records available 24/7 for auditing.

Solution – Workplace Trainer:

CABEM built a Web Training Portal that mapped organizational structure and responsibilities, with tools that allowed administrators capabilities including:Create groups, Assign users, Upload training materials (videos, pdf, word, and excel files), Set up tests, Keep training records, Run different reports to review user test activities

The Web Training Portal also enabled frontend users (employees and job candidates) to: Take tests, Review training material and test records, Download test certificates. It allowed admins to create their own curriculum and to streamline training workflow by centralizing and managing employees’ training progress. In addition, automatic email notifications would alert users of any pending tests/appraisals, and the content and frequency of these notifications was configurable by the Web Training Portal Administrator.

Workplace Trainer is still in use today by the original client. It has gone through many revisions since it was first delivered over 10 years ago, and is now used by organizations in a variety of fields.

Client’s Verdict

“Prior to working with CABEM, VNA was training our staff in-house and managing employee training by hand. CABEM provided a training solution that addressed our unique field training and reporting requirements, eliminating the need for face to face training and enabling one internal resource to manage 1200 employees.” - Brielle MacDonald, VNA Care & Hospice  

Greet the CEO

Jay Fredkin, CEO and President: Jay provides strategic direction while also directing the day-to-day business activities at CABEM. He is active in solution design and delivery with an emphasis on aligning the interests of CABEM and its customers. Jay has 30+ years of experience in leading results-driven high technology businesses. Prior to CABEM, Jay was CEO and President of ENI, a software business focusing on environmental solutions. Previous to ENI, Jay was a Vice President at NTS, responsible for fulfilling a variety of roles including strategic direction, new venture acquisitions, nuclear and military division management, sales, engineering, and project management. Jay's past experience also includes President of an ISO 9000 Registration business. Jay has served on ANSI/Nuclear IEEE committees, ISO 9000 ICB review boards, and the BOD of several companies throughout the U.S. Jay has a BA from UMASS Amherst.

“Our suite of web-based business tools provides simple, cost effective solutions for your daily business processes.”