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“We establish reliable, connected environments where end-to-end asset management, in-process visibility and real-time control, right down to the individual asset level is now a cost-effective reality”: Omni-ID

thesiliconreview-george-e-daddis-jr-phd-ceo-president-omni-id-2017RFID has been around for decades, but in the past few years the rate of adoption for identifying and data collection of assets has skyrocketed. And there are three reasons for it: The continuing drop in cost to create RFID tags, the stabilization of the standards around ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID bands, and the increased performance level available with new technology readers. Omni-ID began as a research and development team formed in the 1990s within QinetiQ, an international defense and security technology company. The team was charged with exploring and challenging the boundaries of RFID. The result was a groundbreaking technological improvement — passive UHF RFID tags that provide near perfect accuracy in harsh environments, including in the presence of metals and liquids. This represented a fundamental shift in the way the RFID tags were viewed and broadly expanded the practical use applications. Omni-ID was launched as a stand-alone company.

To strike gold: Omni-ID

Known for consistently setting industry standards, Omni-ID is the original inventor and patent-holder of the on-metal passive RFID tag. In 2012, the company launched ProVIEW — the world’s first visual tagging system — to replace paper-driven processes in manufacturing, providing not only the ability to track assets; but dynamic, readable instructions right on the tag, completely changing the auto-identification industry landscape.

Today, Omni-ID has dramatically expanded to become not only the leading developer and global supplier of high performance, highly durable, passive & active RFID tags used to improve workflow, asset tracking and management, but to building and architecting asset management solutions for Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

From improving inventory and supply chain management, to compliance and real time visual instructions – Omni-ID’s versatile family of products enables end-to-end asset tracking and management solutions for industry, IT and manufacturing.

“Whether it’s our Enterprise Asset Management Solutions or Solutions for Manufacturing featuring our ProVIEW system, our experienced team of partners and implementation experts can architect the right solution for you – including the software, hardware, middleware and RFID physics you require.”

  • Custom solutions designed to fit your business requirements
  • Simple integration with your existing enterprise software
  • Complete solutions and implementation planning to meet your business requirements
  • RFID readers, antennas and other RFID hardware, hardware system design, antenna placement and installation

March to a different beat!

Innovation is part of its DNA! As a company born from technology, its history of curiosity, innovation, and specializing in the “it can’t be done” applications are what the firm is known for. Omni’s customers drive what it does everyday – the feedback from the marketplace is what drives their innovations, and what has driven them to build out a best in class product portfolio. The company has grown from its beginning as aspecialty RFID tags company to a company that can provide Enterprise Asset management solutions and a specialty solution featuring e-paper tags and its ProVIEW software as a paper replacement managing material flows in manufacturing. Omni’s expertise in industrial applications has driven it to be a highly customer-focused company. “We launch 10’s of new commercial products every single year and that doesn’t even count the custom products that we develop and design for customer applications that “couldn’t be done” – we specialize in the impossible!”

The exceptional ‘Omni-ID’ 

The advent of the industrial IoT/industry 4.0 and the need for global enterprises to obtain real time activity, inventory and other information about their assets has absolutely been a key factor in its product roadmap. 

“Our customers drive what we do everyday – the feedback from the marketplace is what drives our innovations, and what has driven us to build out our product portfolio. We’ve grown from a speciality RFID tags company to a company that provides asset management solutions. For manufacturing we’ve developed a specialty solution featuring e-paper tags and our ProVIEW software as a paper replacement managing material flows in manufacturing. Our expertise in industrial applications has driven us to be a highly customer-focused company.”

Omni-ID has found that UHF RFID is still the leading technology for very low cost identity based sensing and will continue to be a key driver of Industrial IoT adoption. However, there a host of other frequencies and protocols already existing and newly available that help expand tag product lines to cover increasing and enhanced demands placed on object tags.

Some of the other benefits include:

  • Continuous monitoring VS interrogation reads
  • Location services
  • Sensing, Temperature monitoring, accelerometers, proximity/location
  • User interactivity
  • Increased user memory for process tracking and data

Welcome the whip-smart: George E. Daddis Jr., PhD, CEO and President

George is an experienced CEO & entrepreneur, having founded two successful technology companies. He has extensive experience in building companies, raising capital, and establishing markets for digital and IT technologies.

After receiving his B.S., M.S., and PhD. Degrees from Cornell University in Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics, George began his engineering and management career at Eastman Kodak and subsequently Xerox, building engineering teams for various imaging product lines.

In 1998, George founded his first company, InSciTek Microsystems Inc. that provided digital hardware and software design services to Fortune 500 companies such as Sharp Electronics, GE, Kodak, and many other technology companies in the US.

“We create complete, customized asset management solutions, along with our network of global partners to meet the needs of our broad base of Fortune 500 customers.”