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“We help companies do more with their data every day”: SQream


SQream Technologies is the company behind SQream DB, the fastest GPU-accelerated data warehouse. With minimum cost, hardware and infrastructure changes required, SQream enables businesses to easily ingest, store and analyze tens to hundreds of terabytes of data and beyond, with ease, in near real-time.

SQream DB harnesses the power of thousands of parallel processing cores in a cost-effective GPU. This power provides an efficient alternative to classic MPP (parallel) data warehouses. With SQream DB, the power of a full-rack database machine is condensed into a standard 2U server, handling petabytes with ease. SQream DB is designed with simplicity in mind, to fit in almost any IT environment, and usable by anyone with even basic SQL knowledge.

Delivering a major technology boost speed- scale- flexibility and capacity wise, requiring much less hardware and no special skill sets – translates into the most cost-effective big data analytics solution available in the market. The software can be implemented on-premise, on the cloud or as a hybrid combination of both.

Leading organizations in telecom, retail, healthcare, finance and additional industries around the world use SQream DB to accelerate business intelligence and gain access to a world of never-before-seen insights.Led by founders Ami Gal and RaziShoshani, SQream’s management brings a deep understanding of enterprise data analytics, as well as over 20 years of technological and business experience.

Simplicity and performance at scale

SQream works using broadly adopted production standards like SQL, Java, and Python. Consequently, it integrate easily with industry-standard connectors. SQream DB can run on-premise or in the cloud.

SQream DB integrates seamlessly into enterprises’ MPP ecosystems - whether on-premise or in the cloud - drastically reducing query times and enabling previously unobtainable business intelligence. With SQream, raw data is analyzed directly, enabling data scientists and BI analysts to ask more questions about more data from a variety of perspectives without the need for arduous preparation.

Why SQream DB?

SQream DB is a GPU Data Warehouse built for massive data sets and complex SQL queries. The company can solve problems that your current database wasn't designed for.

“SQream helps us to keep pace with rapidly increasing data usage and translate that data into real benefits for our customers.”

- SuppachaiPanichayunon, Head of Solution Design and Architect, AIS

“With our aim to be future-ready, SQream helps us reduce the query time and create value for our customers.”

- Ajit Singh, Sr. VP Engineering, ACL Mobile

Fastest GPU-accelerated SQL query engine

SQream DB is designed for the biggest, most intense SQL queries. Its patented architecture detaches the storage from GPU-accelerated compute. This lets you scale data sizes up, or scale compute up and down without redesigning the entire system. SQream DB is a columnar, massively parallel data warehouse, so it can handle incredibly complex SQL analytic queries, even when data size is in the petabytes.

SQream DB's highly automated query compiler and optimizer gets queries running, fast - with a powerful columnar engine, automatic partitioning, adaptive compression, and automatic transparent metadata collection.

ACID-compliant, with high availability

SQream DB has a unique shared-data architecture, that can support an unlimited number of users. This architecture allows many compute nodes to operate on the same data simultaneously, without queueing up.

SQream DB is built by design to be highly available, with a built-in load balancer and metadata administration. Its extensive role-based permission system gives your database administrators full access control.

Unparalleled ease-of-use

SQream DB lets you focus on your data, rather than managing it. Its highly automated compiler selects the right query plan and data arrangement for the best performance.Installation is a breeze and can be performed in under an hour, and its Load-and-Go technology means SQream DB can load up to 3TB/hour/GPU out-of-the-box.Data is ready for querying immediately, with superior ad-hoc performance.

The founders’ desk

Ami Gal, Co-founder & CEO: Ami Gal, a serial entrepreneur, is the CEO and Co-founder of SQream. He brings more than 20 years of technology industry expertise and executive management experience to his role with the company.

Prior to SQream, Ami was Vice President of Business Development at Magic Software (NASDAQ: MGIC) where he generated new growth engines around high performance and complex data integration environments.In addition, over the last decade, Ami has invested in and served on the boards of several startups, as well as mentoring founders in startup programs including IBM Smartcamp, Seedcamp, and KamaTech.

RaziShoshani, Co-founder & CTO: An expert in scalable multi-platform high-performance server products, Razi brings over 20 years of unique technology experience to SQream Technologies. Razi serves as the CTO at SQream and is responsible for SQream’s next-generation technology innovation.

“We have redefined big data analytics with SQream DB, a complementary SQL data warehouse harnessing the power of GPU to enable fast, flexible, and cost-efficient analysis of massive datasets of terabytes to petabytes.”