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10 Fastest Growing SAAS Solution Providers 2017

“We help you keep your focus on your people by keeping our focus on you.” Sentric

image“HR & Payroll Software Makes Work Life Better for Everyone. Starting with you.”

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Sentric is has a history of 23 years. Back in 1994, it was a regional payroll services bureau, giving organizations like the Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, and Sarris Candies a local, client-service-centric payroll alternative. The firm got pretty good at that, building a customer base of thousands, processing billions, and expanding nationally, with offices in Huntington Beach, CA and Denver, CO.

By the mid-2000’s Sentric was a small, profitable, stable company, growing at a consistent 10 to 12 percent per year. Around that time, its CEO, Mike Maggs, realized that the service-centric model we’d been so successful with in payroll was still missing in the broader world of HR. He decided it was time to diversify, grow, and give small and medium-sized businesses the same alternative in HR software that we’ve long offered in payroll. With a stable core of customers, a profitable business model and group of passionate and talented people at the helm, Sentric became an HR software company that still does payroll better than anyone. Today, 80 percent of its new revenue comes from its all-in-one HR software Sentric Workforce, and the company is growing that business profitability and consistently.

Our vision is simple: to make technology that strengthens the interactions between companies and their people. And what makes us different is the often forgotten notion that a client’s business is earned every day, long after the sale.

Crown Jewel: SentricWorkforce®

SentricWorkforce® Features includes: HRIS, ESS, ESS Mobile, Onboarding, Recruitment, Benefits, Payroll, Attendance, Talent, Reporting, ACA

HRIS: A powerful set of tools ready to grow with you

Centralize your most important processes and data; you’ll save time, printing costs, storage space, and best of all: your sanity. Find a package that meets your needs, or use our API to integrate your favorite applications Or both.

Employee Self-Service: Give data control to the employees

Employee Self-Service is a powerful way to give your employees greater control of their work life. It gets everyone engaged—so you can do more for every part of your organization.

Onboarding: Organize and Personalize Your New Employee Experience

Create and save Onboarding widgets for any need, then use them to build countless templates for departments, teams, locations or individuals. Use checklists to manage forms and deadlines, appointments and schedules to introduce team members or kick off training, benefits for open enrollment, and videos and the HTML editor for, well, anything. You’ll have the Onboarding process down to a science, without losing the art of welcoming the individual.

Recruitment: Turn promising prospects into great hires

Finding and hiring talent doesn’t have to feel like herding cats. With SentricWorkforce Recruitment, bring in the applicants with job board integration, get organized with applicant tracking, and hire with ease.

Benefits: Build your benefits hub

Say goodbye to forms, spreadsheets, manual calculations, and data insanity. Say hello to Benefits in the all-in-one world of SentricWorkforce. Our open enrollment wizard gives employees everything they’re eligible for and need to make informed decisions. You apply the effective dates. Deductions automatically begin in payroll. And third-party data files are sent directly to your carriers.

Payroll: Make payday even better

What’s the best part about building a human resources hub in SentricWorkforce? As employees’ lives change, so do their paychecks. All-in-one means all the tens of thousands of pieces of information you manage daily automatically process in payroll.

Attendance: There’s more than time on your clock

One-click access to time cards and schedules for employees. Information goes straight from your people to your managers to you and right to payroll. And that’s just the start. Put your company labor policies, programs and incentives into action.

Talent: Goals, training and performance

SentricWorkforce lets you manage the talent programs you’ve always wanted — the programs you’d build if you could – because we give you the power to do exactly that. Set employees on the right track with goals, give them meaningful feedback with performance and make sure they have the tools to succeed with training.

Reporting: Don’t just move data; act on it

SentricWorkforce turns powerful HR data into digestible and actionable information. Drag, drop and organize data almost anywhere in the product. You have access to hundreds of standard reports along with the Ad Hoc reporting tool that lets you build your own. Export to Excel, Word, PDF or CSV.

Affordable Care Act Options: Manage year-end compliance needs year-round

With SentricWorkforce, you can manage everything throughout the year, including company measurement periods, employee ACA status and ACA coverage. Once you’ve updated and confirmed year-end details, Sentric will print and process all your 1094-C and 1095-C paperwork.

Clients’ Verdict

“There are very few vendors we can say we would recommend without hesitation, but Sentric is one of them. They have proven to be a true business partner, and we wouldn’t trust our payroll and business taxes with anyone else.”

- Justin Hectus, Accounting Manager, Keesal, Young & Logan

“I have confidence in Sentric thanks to the relationship I’ve built with my customer support representative, Terri. Working together for nearly 14 years means that I won’t have to waste time explaining things. [Terri] gets it because she actually knows me.”

- Laura Kallop, Pittsburgh Pirates Payroll Administrator

"We simplify workforce management by giving you the right set of tools for your business – without taxing your IT infrastructure."

“At Sentric®, we connect companies with their workforces through our cloud-based human resources application, SentricWorkforce®.”