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10 Fastest Growing Telecom Companies 2017

“We know it sounds bold, but our customers keep telling us we are the best”: SureCall Contact Centers Ltd.

thesiliconreview-marc-bombenon-chairman-surecall-contact-centers-ltd-17Enterprises always look for service excellence to win new accounts and to serve its customers, establishing long-term purchasing loyalty. A call center, as the focal point of communications, plays the role of a strategic asset in achieving this goal. Because of the customers’ ever-rising expectations of service quality, enterprises need to invest heavily in systems and staff to have a contact center to resolve its customers’ queries. Enterprises set up in-house multichannel contact centers which is an expensive task and requires a major investment in facilities, equipment, and technology, time and energy needed for staff training and ongoing operations.

To help enterprises and businesses with their customer service experience, SureCall Contact Centers Ltd. established a full-service solution that is innovative and produces the results needed to help these organizations achieve their goals. The company was initially set up as a ‘bolt on’ service to other existing communication services that SureCall offered. Because SureCall partnered with a variety of enterprises and industries, they were closely involved with the strategies and processes within. The SureCall team noted that while companies specialized in their specific product, or offering, they were not experts in handling client issues, inquiries, or escalations, and many of the other customer service related areas. As a way to assist their clients SureCall designed and built an outsourced solution with highly trained and skilled agents to fit right into the client’s customer service model.

With SureCall, It’s always a Sure Call

SureCall is a dynamic and innovative company, always reinventing itself to meet the future needs of its clients. Although SureCall itself was created in 2013 its roots start back in 1982. Over the last 35 years, the company has expanded and evolved into a sophisticated global center, capable of serving small businesses and global clients alike organizations of every size, worldwide. Today SureCall offers customized solutions that go far beyond the regular work of call center services. They design and build cost-effective, process-based applications that work with the strategy and goals of their clients in mind.

SureCall’s agents are polished and best-in-class professionals with years of industry experience, awards and accolades behind them. At SureCall, the company pairs the friendliest and brightest people with the latest technology to ensure that its clients are overwhelmingly satisfied.

Providing the best-in-class call center solutions

Providing every customer an award-winning experience is SureCall’s forte, not only for the customers, also for every caller who touches SureCall’s business.

The company provides a bundle of call center solutions for its clients. And the list goes like:

  • Virtual receptionist
  • Reservation & registration processing
  • Surveys
  • Warranty help desk
  • Customer service help desk
  • Online processing
  • Order entry
  • Food services delivery processing
  • Lone worker solutions
  • After hours service escalations
  • Email response services
  • Real estate appointment management
  • Data entry & processing

“Whenever we answer your calls, you have an award-winning specialist handling your clients. We are the Gold Standard of service 24/7 that your business and clients deserve.”

The first project roll-on

SureCall’s origins were wireless paging devices. We remember these devices that notified the wearer that they had a message waiting or to return a phone call to their office or home base. From there they expanded into cellular phones and 2-way radio and eventually satellite and data products. Right from the beginning, the company established a service to assist clients through a first response concierge-style call center.

When the company first started the call center outsourcing, it was extremely successful. It was not SureCall’s main focus but it was an add-on service that became extremely popular. The first project created multiple efficiencies and peace of mind to the company’s clients, who would no longer have to chase down, or spend time to follow up with their staff or their customers. SureCall became the liaison between its customers and both their clients and their employees.

Road to success: Doing Good with Every Call

Talking about the challenges, the initial days for SureCall was challenging just like every new company. Financing for the expansion of new technologies was very difficult for SureCall. Banks and financial institutions lend on historical information and track records, neither of which apply to new technology and startup companies.

Finding the right people to work in this unique environment was another hurdle. The company also knew that it could not afford to take short-cuts even though it may move the process along. But they say hard work and confidence is the key to success and SureCall always stood strong. Today, from it’s over 35-year commitment to going above and beyond the expectations of its clients and their customers, SureCall has established its presence as the industry leader.

The nature of SureCall’s business is always about inventing new services through creative application. Currently, the company is working with new cloud-based platforms that will allow more flexibility and access to its client’s information and data.

SureCall sees exponential growth and a trend to expand to other global markets. The company is trending to double its size in the next 12 to 24 months, which is exciting, however, the SureCall team realizes that this means commitment, determination, and laser focus on its vision.

Meet the key executives

­Marc Bombenon is the founder and Chairman of SureCall Contact Centers. With extensive experience in telecommunications, as well as other business interests, he has started multiple, multimillion dollar companies dating back to 1982. Marc has served on multiple boards, in the role of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Audit Committee Chair for large private companies as well as both private and public not for profits. He is a member of a Global Organization called Abundance 360, lead by Peter Diamantis and is an avid follower of Singularity University.

Desiree Bombenon is the current President & CEO of SureCall Contact Centers. Desiree is a certified Strategic Leader and a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and is an active community leader involved in several philanthropic endeavors - volunteering, sponsoring and advocating support for many important community organizations.

Desiree she is currently attending Harvard as a 2017 Fellow for an Advanced Leadership initiative and has launched “Hero Girls” around her Harvard Project, educating females in underserved and disparate communities.

"Being happy is not enough for us, we want your customers to rave about their great customer experience ever time they connect with your company."