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10 Fastest Software Companies 2015

When Technology is holding the hands with: Taya Technologies Pvt Ltd


“We deliver a broad range of customer and HR solutions, backed by technology and consulting services that help create valuable relationships between our clients, their customers and their employees.” – Ram Swaroop Rangisetti

What is that one thing all the big and small business houses are giving their hearts and souls for? It is nothing but for customer satisfaction. It is not only the IT industries but also the companies which the IT world is dependent on. And when the era of cloud computing, mobility, advanced software and latest web applications have already emerged to rule the business world the work has been harder for them.

In this situation Taya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is marking their area successfully as they have become one of the unique ventures who provide the most developed technologies to those who really need them.

Knowing Taya
Taya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 2011 by Ram Swaroop Rangisetti and Ratna Swathi Rangisetti, whose experience, diligence and astute has taken the company on a much higher level than the initial stage. The company started its journey with the focus on Software development, Mobile application development, online gaming and Digital Marketing.

They are particularly focused towards a vision of becoming the fortune 500 Company by 2020 and now they are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and under the auditing of CMM level 3. They have a customer base of 90 + and an employee strength of 150+, where in which they will have a huge hires of around 100+ employees for the next 6 months. Their offices are in India, Australia, United Kingdom and Malaysia. No doubt they are the experts who know how to grow in the market strategically and how to satisfy their customers. Taya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has all client required resources and the expertise in order to help the clients to meet the transformation challenges. It is a professional, consumer focused and commercially savvy company.

With the creative and agile nature, Taya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. always stood at the top in following the recent upcoming trends and technologies in order to meet the needs of the clients with highest standards.

Finding the key to happy and satisfied clientele
Well, as the clients are the people who decide the future of any company, Taya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. take a special care for that. Their clients experience the rich domain expertise and successful delivery with quality. As intelligence is the most valuable when it is predicted, so the management of Taya technologies Pvt. Ltd. always is updated with the latest technology as the objectives of the business are designed by predicting the future advancements in technology. So it is not quite difficult to face the changes in the company.

SWIVIO, CIGNITI, KAIROS, BUDGRO, MIP PROPERTIES, MEDILINK, and ECENTRIC HR are some of the potential and loyal clients of them.

Facing market challenges with a new approach
The real challenge is to be unique among other competitors in the same domain and that is the aspect the company is dealing with. Not only strategy but the way of executing and performing also does matter to be different. For Taya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. creativity and taking criticism as opportunities to development are the two strong USP points.

Taya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in the competitive market has been following various strategies by development of technological innovation which bought the profitable business that has balanced among the technology push and market pulling. With the challenging management risks and opportunities, the company has been following a framework which involves, identifying the market needs, consumer values, business growth, enhancement of ideas and innovation potentials and delivering the new technological road maps in engaging the stakeholders of the company in an effective way. The position strategy has helped the Taya Technology to see success even with the changes in the market scenarios.

Not only that, but their clients have provided them excellent feedback. They have 99.9% satisfaction from all clients.

Taya Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is currently focusing on Mobile App development and Offshore. The company is always striving to be better and better each day and serve the clients with a unique invaluable service. They are eager for more designs, more codes and at least twinkles and which in turn helps them to deliver the best service and product experience.

Client Speak
“Taya Tech not only manages their clients in an amicable way but also work out of the box for their clients’ success. Taya Tech constitutes their success to be directly proportional to their clients’ success.” – Swivio