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10 Fastest Software Companies 2015

Your Application and Data, Any Cloud.. Anytime: Sureline Systems


Sureline Systems, headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, with offices in Japan and India was founded in 2010. Its award winning SUREedge® is a proven enterprise-class software appliance for Application Mobility and business critical applications’ Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Unique capabilities in the SUREedge® platform include a planner driven multi-tier application mobility, instant and automatic failover, an agentless architecture, application consistent image and incremental snapshots, global deduplication, WAN throttling and zero data loss recovery points. The solution is easy to deploy, highly scalable, hardware and hypervisor agnostic and supports physical and virtual servers locally, in remote datacenters, and in private, public or hybrid clouds. Customers worldwide trust SUREedge® to meet their application mobility, disaster recovery and business continuity objectives. SUREedge® is the most complete and easy-to-use solution available in the market.

Today the virtualized world comprising of Virtualized Datacenters, Private and Public Cloud, is witnessing CIOs face the prime challenge of need for Application Mobility, driven by: Corporate Mandate to shrink (reduce growth) of on-prem infrastructure and migrate to cloud i.e. move to the Cloud; Disaster Avoidance / Recovery and Business Continuity; Move between Clouds; Datacenter Migration or Consolidation/Expansion; Workload Balancing across Multiple Sites; Datacenter / Application Maintenance without downtime.

Today most enterprises having a heterogeneous environment comprising of virtualized & physical Linux and Windows are struggling with their process of migrating these workloads to virtualization and to Cloud. While Large number of enterprises are looking to actively migrate from physical to VMware and Hyper-V and the do not have the adequate tools to – plan, move, test and cut-over, most medium enterprises do not have a robust DR solution and would like to use Clouds such as Verizon, Amazon, Microsoft Azure etc. as DR site do not have the right tools to – plan, implement and test. Sureline addresses the needs of Application Mobility directly by helping customers by providing a Single unified solution for: Application Mobility, Availability, Disaster Recovery, Point and time recovery and Vaulting that is applicable to all the events stated above. These include easy-to-use planning and testing tools.

Highilghts: Sureline’s SUREedge® software platform

SUREedge is a software appliance that can be installed on any platform including VMWare, Hyper-V, Amazon, Micorsoft Azure, to name a few. Some of its Enterprise class features include:
a. Eliminates the hard and error-prone work of application and connectivity recovery after a server and data has been recovered

• Sureline captures ALL metadata and configuration information required for full application recovery

• DR planner driven by Recovery Objectives – allows one to quickly set up complex applications (a group of servers that comprises the application) and define their recovery requirements

• DR Simulators and Tester – Simulate and Test DR (including full application and connectivity recovery) with 1-click and with ZERO impact on production environment

b. Sureline is NOT JUST ABOUT DR. Sureline is applicable for all Application Mobility requirements including Migration to Cloud; Migration between datacenters etc
c. Sureline is powered by our unique technologies including an advanced global data De-Duplicatione engine that allows our bandwidth friendly, incrementals forever data transfer without ever having to assemble a FULL for recovery
d. Global Management of multiple SUREedge installations from a single console
e. Security: Military grade encryption of data in-flight and at-rest
f. Extremely scalable
g. Install and operate within minutes
h. Agentless – Easy to deploy, manage, update
i. Bandwidth friendly, storage friendly
j. Hardware agnostic, Platform agnostic
“Sureline is applicable for all Application Mobility requirements including Migration to Cloud; Migration between datacenters, etc and provides Unified Solution for: Application Mobility, Availability, Disaster Recovery, Backup and Vaulting. We are an Enterprise Class solution, while most are point solution for BCDR or RAMP to Cloud etc. One of our customers needed a solution to Migrate their production servers to Azure and also wanted the cost of their DR solution reduced. We helped them:
k. Move the Production environment to Azure. This included – Replication to Azure, Full system and application recovery, Test, Final sync and cut over with less than 10 minutes only during the cutover
l. Set Up DR between Azure US West and US East (minimal b/w consumption with our next gen DeDupe replication)
m. Build DR to Azure for Linux, Windows servers to Azure
n. Savings of $10K+ in DR costs per month; Increased up time of production servers; Reduced System Administration overheads by 20%+”, adds team Sureline.

The Sureshot successful clientele experience

“Our singular focus on the needs of the customer in the current dynamical world where the role of IT is going through a revolution and our ability to respond to customer needs at warp speed, enables us to see that our customer needs are more than just BCDR and we responded with full Application Mobility solution (please note that our website may not reflect this yet. It is being updated solution. With customers moving from VMware to Hyper-V, we help them move, protectively and translate a VMware VM to a Hyper-V VM on the fly – backup up a VMware system and restore onto Hyper-V (Application, data, configuration). We are also helping customers migrate to Azure and then subsequently providing data protection, point and time recovery, and DR and for customers who are unhappy with their current cloud IaaS provider, we are helping them move to Azure”, says team Sureline.

For further information please go to www.surelinesystems.com