SR 20 Fastest Growing Security Companies

Your company’s movement to the cloud will be much easier now because Cavirin Systems’ got your back


Headquartered in CA, Cavirin Systems was founded in 2012 and is led by JD Sherry, a seasoned technology executive who is well versed in enterprise security and data centre architecture.

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) market has been growing steadily over the last few years, having been accelerated by cloud adoption. Along with that comes security and compliance responsibilities that are increasing at a rapid pace and organizations are taking on greater responsibility for corporate IT, and as a result, they will be assuming more liability, as well. Think of it as a liability supply chain, with the provider at the top. To make sales and retain customers, organizations not only need to provide bulletproof security for their clients, they need to prove it and are always on the lookout for ways to extend security and compliance transparency to their customers. And with the recent disastrous data breaches that have heightened caution, the upshot is that customers now routinely require visibility into their providers’ security posture especially if they handle international data.

This is where Cavirin steps in to make a difference in their clients and their customers’ lives.
The company’s operations started at Bell Labs in the form of a network change and configuration tool, that slowly transformed into a multi-faceted solution called Automated Risk Analysis Platform (ARAP). Led by CEO, JD Sherry, a trusted senior advisor for the protection of PCI, HIPAA, and PII data, Cavirin offers its clients an innovative Automated Risk Analysis Platform (ARAP) that is an agentless and cost effective solution, providing continuous visibility and policy-driven security for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments and their associated workloads inside and outside of the container, today.

With a team of proven industry experts, Cavirin provides awareness regarding the latest trends in cyber security, risk and compliance. Cavirin automates audit compliance and has been helping organizations avoid hefty fines. By automating risk and compliance no matter where their workloads reside, organizations realize a considerable reduction of time and financial burden associated with managing security and compliance operations.

Cavirin has been able to grow its cloud customer and partner base at a very rapid pace in just less than a year. Recently, they have featured in two prestigious industry publications and most importantly, their client feedbacks and testimonials are a true testament that the company is resonating with organizations as they look to automate their audit compliance and risk management processes. Quoting Kim Green, CISO of Zephyr Health (one of Cavirin’s clients), “As a company grows, it gets to a point where achieving compliance and security on all fronts is no longer sustainable. That creates a blind spot for many fast-growing companies and Cavirin can fill that blind spot.”

“Cavirin is the only tool in the market that can provide security and compliance transparency both ‘inside and outside the container’.”


How big is the global outreach of your company’s services? What are your present and future focus areas?

Our presence is primarily in the U.S. at the moment although we have recently signed up several international partners/resellers.We have been successful at growing our customer base rapidly, across all industry verticals and organization sizes, as they work to solve compliance/regulatory challenges and their ever-growing scope and complexity. We are excited about the momentum we have gained in just less than a year, and the strategic direction of our company.In the upcoming days, our main goal is to continue developing ARAP and we are relentlessly working to enhance its functionality and features and take it to the next level.

What are the sectors or verticals in which your clientele base primarily lie? Who should approach Cavirin for availing services, if they want to?

At Cavirin, we take a unique approach to automating IT and cloud security for organizations in the healthcare, insurance, legal, finance, retail, government, and transportation verticals. Whether you are processing payment card data and need to adhere to Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards or Patient Health Information (PHI) HIPAA, compliance is and will continue to be a top priority. Cavirin also enable organizations who don’t have compliance or regulatory requirements implement security best practices and system hardening protocols. Recently, we are seeing a growing concern around maintaining a secure posture and compliance in the healthcare industry. The compliance landscape in many companies these days is getting to be almost unmanageable. We augment our customers’ security and compliance strategy, especially as they move their workload to the cloud. We call this BYOC (Bring Your Own Compliance/Controls)

How well is Cavirin positioned in today’s Market scenario when compared to its competitors?

When compared to other companies like us in the market, we are an obvious preferred choice (as per client feedback in general) because of the efficiency of our unique platform that is specifically designed to mitigate the security and compliance challenges that companies are facing today.

Another major competitive advantage is we provide a virtual appliance that leverages agentless technology. Meaning greater cost avoidance to organizations and their IT teams in the form of performance and manageability gains. In addition, our platform is the first to be awarded a PCI Continuous Compliance Certification from an authorized QSA (Qualified Security Assessor).

“Our sole focus is not just on automating operational risk analysis, but also on audit readiness/execution to help organizations stay compliant as well as secure. Thus a major design goal of our ARAP platform is to reduce the time and financial burden that these operational pressures can put on an organization.”  -JD Sherry, CEO