Oxford’s 1st iWatch-supported dictionary


Paragon Software Group and Oxford’s University Press announce the world’s 1st Oxford dictionary with iWatch functionality! Only a century ago, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary was available as a paper edition, later on — as a smartphone and tablet app, and now you have English definitions right up your sleeves! Do you know what does the word “zhoosh” mean? The new 9th edition has been updated with 900 latest definitions!  The latest update includes a new design (for quicker and easier navigation) and new functionality (such as ‘Practise your Pronunciation’ which enables learners to record their own voice, Split View, Spotlight and Slide Over.) The 9th edition is also the first OUP app with iWatch functionality. Learners can look up words with voice recognition, open entries, listen to pronunciations, and check the Word of the Day.

English might not be the most spoken language in the world but it’s the dominant business language. It has become almost a necessity for people to communicate in English, if they are to enter a global workforce. The importance of speaking English in the global market place therefore can not be understated.


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