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Google’s version of TTS allows users to read text from any Android app


2016-06-06 Silicon Review

The latest version of Google’s text-to-speech (TTS) is capable to add support for new languages, well that’s not all it can also read aloud text within any Android app according to a report by Android Police.

However the update, version 3.9.6, is not available on Google Play, but was instead bundled with Developer Preview 3 of Android N. it also indicates the extracted APK works equally well in Android Marshmallow. It also says it should technically work on versions as old as Android 4.4, although anything older than Android M will likely only give the new languages, Vietnamese and Swedish.

New additions: – The all new-fangled floating text selection toolbar that has been introduced with Android M, now shows and option for text to speech, aside from the standard edit functions and web search. Newly introduced features will allow Developers to integrate their own apps into this toolbar, so that they could technically select a bit of text in news app, and directly search it on Wikipedia from the floating menu. If you select TTS from that toolbar, the text selected will be read out loud through your speaker.


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