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Qualcomm to wait longer for LTE-U product test results


2016-07-01 Silicon Review

Qualcomm appears to be frustrated due to the delay in tests for the co-existence of the LTE-U technology and Wi-Fi.
The new and emerging technology that improves the customer’s experience by enhancing the network’s functionality and speed is yet to be tested and validated. The Wi-Fi alliance (WFA) said “the test plan, which is designed for new products that use LTE in unlicensed bands, will be finished and verified by late September”.

Since the LTE-U and Wi-Fi make use of the same spectrum, prominent Wi-Fi users like Google fear that the new comer might interfere or even block Wi-Fi services. In reality, the LTE-U is a much better partner to Wi-Fi than Wi-Fi itself. It also reduces the load on licensed spectrum by off-loading some wireless traffic to unlicensed spectrum.

In an effort to put an end to all the speculation and ambiguity, Qualcomm is pushing hard to wrap up the planning process and carry out the tests as soon as possible. The plan is to carry out tests on the products designed to use LTE-U. The Wi-Fi alliance is testing Qualcomm’s patience by still crafting the test plan. The arguments heated up after the workshop held last Wednesday.

Qualcomm wishes to make the technology available to customers as soon as possible but with WFA delaying the validation process, it is a long wait.

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