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Polaris Office Set to Compete with Microsoft Office in India and Emerging Markets


2016-09-01 Silicon Review

As a digital revolution sweeps through India, demand for office software and other technology tools has surged. Its software market is expected to grow 12.8 percent this year, making India one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

India’s office software market is currently dominated by Microsoft, a Goliath in the global office software space. But high demand and the rapidly evolving needs of India’s workforce present an opportunity for ambitious companies with creative solutions to disrupt Microsoft’s reign.

Polaris Office is taking advantage of this opportunity by launching the PC version of its cloud-based office productivity suite for the Indian and ASEAN markets. The company plans to challenge Microsoft by offering a solution that transcends the constraints of traditional software offerings at a more affordable price.

Polaris Office’s cloud-based office software for PC serves as a centralized work hub that combines the powerful office productivity features of Microsoft Office with convenient real-time editing capabilities and a freemium model. The software also offers access to disparate apps such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Docs all in one place, effectively breaking down the barriers that traditional office productivity suites put in place to prevent users from collaborating on competing platforms.

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