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A caution! Do not search for peeping Tom elsewhere when he is right beside us!


2017-01-23 Silicon Review

We have heard studies on Psychology, and social media and many others which are normal to do… but have you come across a study that involves snoopers who look into the private stuffs of their close associates?! Here is one such study we bring before you which rolls your eyes.

It is concluded that nearly one in five people snoop into the Facebook accounts of their romantic partners, family members, or friends. Most people are concerned about the prospect of their social media accounts being hacked but University of British Columbia researchers reported that it’s actually people we know who frequently access our accounts without our permission.

Wali Ahmed Usmani, lead study author said “It’s clearly a widespread practice. Facebook private messages, pictures or videos are easy targets when the account owner is already logged on and has left their computer or mobile open for viewing.”

People admit by saying that the status, profiles of their associates will be changed for humorous purpose or also for jealousy. The findings, revealed after a survey of 1,308 US adult Facebook users, highlight the ineffectiveness of passwords and device PINs in stopping unauthorized access by insiders.

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