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‘Google Photos’ now comes with all new and amazing ‘white balance feature’


2017-03-13 Silicon Review

The tech giant ‘Google’ has come up with a latest update for its cloud storage app.  The app "auto white balance" will mechanically touch-up user’s images and will also add white balance, exposure and diffusion whenever you apply a filter to an image. This apart, one can also manually regulate Warmth and Tint in Color, exploring a option to get that perfect click.

The all new feature is great and what makes the feature great is effects which make photos appear more practical. At times, images tend to look unnatural when it is taken outside, adding tints of yellow or blue.

The differentiation factor that sets Google Photos apart from other image storing  apps is its amazing capability to recognize few precise objects like beaches, dogs, frisbees etc. which also allows users to find the images rapidly from search bar. This apart the app also stores and categorizes the photos automatically in albums which can be add to on a later date by other users. If that's not enough, one can also stock up unlimited photos which can free up valuable gigabytes of storage on mobile phone. The all new feature Auto white balance will roll out on Android operated soon while the iOS version will be updated soon.


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