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Tarantino Will Direct an R-Rated Star Trek

siliconreview Tarantino Will Direct an R-Rated Star Trek

‘What happens when a tornado meets a volcano?’ Well, in this case, a tornado and a calm but dark sea, which we can witness when Quentin Tarantino directs the Star Trek movie in 2019 whose script is to be written by Mark L Smith, acclaimed for writing “The Revenant”.

After his 2019’s project on Charles Manson, Tarantino is expected to begin this installation of Star Trek franchise. Moreover,Tarantino has revealed that he is a big-time Star Trek fan in the Nerdist Podcast and has mentioned several times before, his wish to direct a Star Trek movie.

With only Transformers and Star Trek as their reliable franchises and Star Trek Beyond making only 383 million US dollars over a huge 185 million dollars budget, Paramount along with JJ Abrams have agreed to make this film in an R rated version to attract the movie buffs and comic fans. R rated films such as Deadpool have become a huge box- office hit making nearly 780 million dollars and also creating a huge fan following. With Disney and Marvel Studio ruling the Sci-fi genre, Paramount has also stepped into this race, with Tarantino guaranteeing a box- office appeal. Nobody knows what’s in store for us, who knows, Samuel L Jackson might storm into the room with a six millimeter and bring hailstorm!

It will be a great treat for the movie lovers with Paramount taking their lines seriously, to go where no man has ever gone!