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Amazon gets ahead of Flipkart and Snapdeal in terms of traffic

siliconreview Amazon gets ahead of Flipkart and Snapdeal in terms of traffic

E-commerce giants like Flipkart, Amazon, e-bay, Snapdeal and few more are always in constant battle with each other. They are constantly in competition as to who can get the most number of customers and generate high sales. This ongoing competition has finally brought some fruit of success to Amazon as it has caught up pace with Flipkart and overtook Snapdeal in terms of monthly visitors in May. According to data from Internet analytics firm comScoreData, Amazon India had 23.6 million unique visitors in May, edging past Flipkart narrowly. Hurray! Jeff Bezos is celebrating probably.

Flipkart had 23.5 million unique visitors; Snapdeal had 17.9 million in May this year. When compared annually it shows that Amazon had 142 percent jump in the number of unique visitors since May 2014, flipkart had 80 percent and Snapdeal had 90 percent jump.

On the contrary last year same time Flipkart was much ahead of Snapdeal and amazon who were on an equal level with close to 10 million visitors to their sites.

According to PTI, industry experts caution that unique visitors are just another metric for ecommerce companies, and the ‘loyalty and stickiness’ of customers are a more reliable measure to go by. Another popular parameter ecommerce company follow is the gross merchandise value (GMV) to indicate the total sales value reflecting the volume of their business, Singhal said.

Currently, Flipkart, the country’s highest valued ecommerce company said that it expects its GMV to touch Rs 76,000 crore in a year. Earlier, the company had said it expects to reach a GMV of USD 8 billion (over Rs 50,000 crore) by December. Snapdeal is aiming to reach GMV sales of USD 10 billion (about Rs 63,000 crore) by the end of this year.

Amazon India is offering more than 25 million products for sale through its online marketplace. It reportedly crossed USD 1 billion (Rs 6,300 crore) in sales in September last year while Flipkart reported a GMV of USD 3 billion for 2015. Snapdeal already crossed the USD 3.5 billion mark by May. GMV is a metric which depends on the size and scale of the company in e-commerce, but not the only one to measure the health of the business. Revenues which are a small margin of the sales, should also be taken into account for gauging the company’s current position.