Amazon’s another discovery in Dash Buttons known as AWS IoT Button

Amazon’s another discovery in Dash Buttons known as AWS IoT Button
The Siliconreview
19 May, 2016

Amazon recently created a buzz with the introduction of Dash buttons which gave Amazon users a benefit to order everyday utilities, has now, pushed the idea one step further with new amazing features. With a dash button called AWS IoT Button, the new feature lets users tap into Amazon’s cloud service to perform a massive amount of tasks like opening a garage door or ordering a pizza.

All this is possible cause of an IoT (Internet of Things) device of carrying so much of caliber and a number of potential uses like calling for an Uber cab, brew coffee, opening a garage door, turning a Philips Hue bulb on and off or ordering food.

Reasons of concern
The amazing AWS IoT Button would probably make anyone’s life a lot easier, but there are a few causes for concern. Currently, the buttons can only perform a single task at a time, so users will have to buy more of them if they want to go autonomous. The buttons also need a working Wi-Fi connection and lasts for about 1,000 clicks before the battery runs out. The battery cannot be replaced meaning that users will have to buy a new button when the device dies which could pose a problem for people who frequently use the buttons.

The AWS IoT Button shares the same technology as Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant and can communicate with services like Twitter, Facebook, Twilio, Slack and more. It has been assumed that the AWS IoT Button will cost $19.95 (Approx Rs 1,330) per unit.