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Silver Spring Networks extends IoT platform with Gen-5 Networking

siliconreview Silver Spring Networks extends IoT platform with Gen-5 Networking

Recently at the DistribuTECH conference and expo, Silver Spring Networks, Inc. extended its Internet of Things technology platform with performance enhancements to Gen5 – its fifth generation critical infrastructure networking platform. Already delivering nearly 23 million devices on five continents as one of the leading networking providers in the market, Silver Spring announced it is doubling the maximum speed of its Gen5 network to up to 2.4 Mbps, increasing computational performance by 10x, supporting simultaneous mesh communication on both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies, integrating 4G LTE communications, and delivering simplified modularity for easier device integration. These Gen5 platform enhancements, coupled with Silver Spring’s existing multi-application, range, latency, scale, distributed intelligence, and power optimization capabilities, further enable utilities, cities and other Internet of Things (IOT) device and application providers to deliver multiple applications on a single, unified network without compromising reliability, speed, security, or cost.

“With a global footprint of over 22 million devices delivered, we are not just talking about concepts for the Internet of Things, but are delivering high-performing, reliable and secure platforms and solutions that have a demonstrated track record at-scale. With today’s enhancements, we are taking that technology leadership to new heights,” said Don Reeves, EVP of Engineering and Managed Services, Silver Spring Networks. “Utilities and cities are deploying some of the most advanced Internet of Things networks on earth. We are committed to building on our proven track record of innovation to deliver the performance, security, scalability, and flexibility they need to unlock even more benefits for their customers and communities.”

Silver Spring also recently announced Starfish, an international wireless IPv6 network service for the IOT. Building on Silver Spring’s global network footprint, Starfish will enable commercial enterprises, cities, utilities, and developers to access a reliable, secure, and scalable IOT network service with service level agreements that meet their needs. Leveraging Gen5 technology and the 802.15.4g standard, Starfish sets a new standard for IoT networks by delivering up to 2.4 Mbps in speed, 10 millisecond latency, up to 50 miles in point-to-point range, nearly limitless mesh range, multiple network transports, and industrial-grade security, reliability, and scalability. Starfish will also provide world-class device and application management and control functions, an IoT-scale data platform, and access to one of the industry’s largest open partner ecosystems.