‘A sigh of relief’! There is some remedy to curb cyber crime!

‘A sigh of relief’! There is some remedy to curb cyber crime!
The Siliconreview
25 January, 2017

Internet has become a crucial part of life more than being a part of our life, it has been a routine so, it is so integral to all of us, and the giant drawback is ‘cyber security’ not promised. The main objective of such hackers is to steal the confidential information of a business or any personal stuff perhaps.

Cyber crimes are a major threat which has made us tussle for our lives. Today, hacking is a much more complex art than it used to be: It no longer only involves just scanning and penetrating the network via vulnerability. Yet the traditional security tools used by most companies are often inadequate because they still focus on this, ignoring what is now a very complex post-compromise chain of events.

What can be the remedies to overcome this situation? Here we bring a glimpse before you……

All the datas should be utilized to track cyber crimes and deny using conventional methods which drives you to a wrong track. Organizations receive hundreds of alerts per day which is questionable since, generating thousands of alerts every second could serve troublesome.

How can security teams process a greater percentage of alerts per day? Or prioritize the potentially most severe ones? The answer is by aggressively automating the detection of and response to alerts, reducing a 30-minute process per event down to two.