BMW synthesize with Mobileye for a new generation application!

BMW synthesize with Mobileye for a new generation application!
The Siliconreview
03 March, 2017

German’s BMW and Israel’s Mobileye tied up. As the agreement suggests the reason to sign this agreement was that they are set to install a new technology.

To speak more about it, you’ll have to hang on with me for a couple of minutes… The new generation app is namely “Mobileye’s data generation technology” which will be installed in the BMW cars. The company said that this technology is further going to be introduced because this technology is a Mobileye’s camera-based driver assist technology is critical for enabling autonomous driving through high definition (HD) maps aimed at making driving safer and more efficient.


BMW aims to release 40 self – driving test vehicles on the roads in the second half of the year. This introduction is safer which has inbuilt HD mapping. It is confirmed that the data will be transferred to German digital mapping which is carried by BMW and Mobileye.

BMW board member Klaus Froehlich said that “Making autonomous driving a reality for our customers is the shared ambition behind our cooperation with Intel and Mobileye” and also said the tests would be a major step towards achieving a fully autonomous vehicle by 2021.