WhatsApp to get back the old status feature, but with a new name called as ‘Tagline’

WhatsApp to get back the old status feature, but with a new name called as ‘Tagline’
The Siliconreview
07 March, 2017

Facing a negative reaction at bulk from users for introducing new changes in the status update, the popular messaging app reportedly will once again bring back the old status feature that let users to set up a text message as their user profile. However, the old status update when will be back would be called from a new name such as Tagline.

Few days ago, the company rolled out few new features called as ‘Status’. Quite similar to Chat tab, the feature adds a tab to the app. This would allow people to share videos and upload pictures; at the same time in another move the company removed the old "status" feature that was the part of user profile.

A Twitter account  ‘Wabetainfo’  that is often responsible for leaking features from beta versions of the chat apps tweeted that in WhatsApp beta for iOS and for Windows Phone 2.17.82 the Tagline feature has been added, although for now it is unseen. However, the feature will also make a comeback in the Android version too.

The company’s new Status feature, so far it has divided users. Many users see it as a gratuitous difficulty that will twist their chat into a social media app. Many others meanwhile, like the feature but grieve the loss of old Status feature and removal of Contacts tab from the main navigation bar.

Well, it is pretty clear that why WhatsApp detached the old Status feature. The all new ‘Status’ thing works quite differently and also has an all dissimilar reason compared to the previous one. It would have been much easier if they would have kept both with the app.