Microsoft to Roll out Mixed Reality to Windows 10

Microsoft to Roll out Mixed Reality to Windows 10
The Siliconreview
03 April, 2017

There were a lot of talks going on in the last couple of months about introducing mixed reality to Microsoft. The ‘Creator’s Update’ that we all have been eagerly waiting since last year, was officially given a date for the highly anticipated update to roll out. This update is expected to give mixed reality a position of prominence within the Microsoft ecosystem. 

Back in October Microsoft unveiled a bold new vision for its Windows 10 operating system named the Creator’s Update, and mixed reality technology played a big part in it.  Microsoft will kick off the latest Windows 10 on April 11 and it also confirmed that mixed reality (MR) support will be included. The good news is that it is free to all Windows 10 users (genuine users).

Hold your horses’ folks, before you start counting the days till April 11, you should probably know that devices to support Windows’ take on MR, a set of VR headsets made by partners like Acer, won’t be launching until this holiday season.

The update does include some pretty amazing features, like Paint 3D which is the big part of the update. For Microsoft, it is another step closer to its eventual goal of delivering true MR with its HoloLens headset, which is currently available as a $3,000 unit geared to developers and businesses.

Looks like the tech king is going strong with mixed reality, the company recently hired the former chief marketing officer of Oculus VR at Facebook; Elizabeth Hamren to lead this area. More over Microsoft also renamed its "Windows Holographic" technology to "Windows Mixed Reality".

Microsoft Project Scorpio, an upgraded version of its Xbox One is also slated to gain support for mixed reality content by 2018.