There’s an opportunity to clean a lot of the junk out of the system: Google

There’s an opportunity to clean a lot of the junk out of the system: Google
The Siliconreview
01 May, 2017

While browsing through the websites, the ads which pops-up between the busy browsing sections annoys us to a greater extend. Isn’t it? To prevent all these issues and to enhance the browsing feature, Google has emerged out with its plans for a native chrome ad blocker.

Unlike many of the most popular ad blockers in use today, including AdBlock Plus, Adblocker Ultimate, and uBlock Origins, the Chrome ad blocker is intended to focus on the most problematic and “annoying” ads.  We are already so familiar with the ‘pop-up ads’, the ones which auto play with audio, the large sticky ads, and the prestitial ads with countdown. Google aims to eliminate the difficulties that it creates to the customers while browsing through the sites. The ultimate aim lies in eliminating those ads that disrupt the consumers experience, interrupt content and slow browsing.

Though Google is the world’s largest advertising provider and chrome is the largest web browser, it still faces many challenges and criticisms as well. The idea of Google to bring back chrome ad blocker to life has also underwent so many criticisms as many publishers had concerns following the announcement that it would cut into their revenues.

Meanwhile, through all these criticisms and rumors Google still moves forward with its plan to implement the chrome ad blocker and are associating with the Coalition for better ads and hence better income from the industry. With the chrome ad blocker, users will definitely find better contents and better browsing sections, let’s hope.