Technology and art collide at the first open virtual reality space at Artlink

Technology and art collide at the first open virtual reality space at Artlink
The Siliconreview
16 June, 2017

Whether you are well talented as an artist or not, it’s time to rethink. The new technology eliminates the physical barriers in creativity. The technology is all about creating good, creative art virtually and sharing it through internet. Two sensors create a virtual workspace for the artist to create in. The artist then holds two wands that effectively act as a palette and brush. 3-D HTC VIVE goggles are worn to fully immerse the artist in an environment that they can create. This new technology at Artlink at Fort Wayne can make the concept of immersing yourself in art as a reality.

It creates a creative space by through Google Tilt Brush software, by highlighting stars, light and even fire. This creates the perfect ambience at Artlink. Matt McClure, Executive Director of Artlink, says this technology was made possible through a partnership with Arts United and other donations. Artlink is one such platform for artists around the world to gather and create art.  According to the authorities the company was bringing a seismic shift in providing access to creative tools to artists, both professionals and students in the region. The Artlink platform enables a virtual reality platform. To enter in a VE, a user dons special gloves, earphones, and goggles, all of which send their output to the computer systems. The virtual environments are intended to replace the real world environment with the digital one and the human senses are immersed in the VE. And this might pave way for some really good art, let’s assume!