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The best and the biggest announcement from Amazon’s hardware event: Echo Spot

siliconreview The best and the biggest announcement from Amazon’s hardware event: Echo Spot

The Amazon hardware event 2017 surprised everyone by unveiling a bunch of new echo hardware.  The echo speaker, which was already launched in 2014 was overdue an update after the company spun off devices with a camera and a touchscreen. The event also introduced a refreshed fire TV which might be a good competition to the newly launched Apple’s TV with the 4k support.

If you have missed the announcement of a great device, then we have it for you right here.

The all new Echo Spot is the most interesting announcement so far. It is a new alarm clock that can make video calls and can be connected to external speakers via a cable or bluetooth. If you have ever wanted to conduct a conversation with your alarm clock, then there it is. The all new Amazon’s latest Alexa device comes with a small display unlike the Google Home that doesn’t have a display, and it fits comfortably on the table beside your bed, just few inches from your pillow.

Eco Spot is so amazing that you can actually watch video flash briefings, read lyrics of a song, peruse your security camera footage, photos, and see the weather forecast.

The device’s small circular display makes it more suitable as a device for the kitchen table, or a bedside device. It is such an intelligent alarm clock that chats to you and plays a video of the weather report and flash up your commute times.

Alexa is turning up everywhere. Electronics giants such as LG and Sony have also been building speakers and devices with Alexa installed.

While Google Home is already in market, to compete with the all new Echo Spot, Apple is releasing a version of a personal assistant speaker system in December, called HomePod.