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Cloudian to Join Hands with Panzura in the expansion of Cloud storage

siliconreview Cloudian to Join Hands with Panzura in the expansion of Cloud storage

What more to say when the  two giants in the cloud technology has joined hands in their attempt to expand the storage technology?

As part of this venture , the new HyperStore 4000 which can store upto 700 TB is out in the market.  The data can be stored in the premises or in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) or even in Microsoft Azure and Google public clouds.  In this way it looks similar to the Cloudian’s 1U HyperStore 1500 appliance.  It gives the additional feature of associating these data to the Cloudian public cloud as well.

According to the views of Jon Toor, the Chief Marketing Officer of Cloudian,  it mainly brings its attention into the replacement of tape archives and is aimed mainly at the entertainment video surveillance and genome sequencing industries.

Panzura, it never fails to excite us with its new innovations and technologies. Likewise , it has again come up with the new cloud data archiving appliance as part of its freedom archive platform . Along with the  Freedom NAS and Freedom Collaboration file sync products, it is expected to be in the market. Panzura 5500 Series Flash Cache can support up to 1,200 active users.

When it comes to Panzura’s storage platforms, it has got both on premises storage along with the public cloud storage. For example, in case of  Freedom NAS, the active data is kept in the local cache while the colder data will be moved to the cloud. Similarly in Freedom Collaboration, the data can be stored  in a central cloud repository and makes all files read and write accessible on each.

Although the cloud offers various options for encryption of the sensitive data, many of them find it unsecure to move their digital archives to the cloud. With FIPS 140-2 certification and AES-256 bit encryption to secure at rest and in-flight, Panzura  keeps on  its venture to give maximum protection to the on stored data.

“It takes the archiving piece and adds additional functionality as the company grows into the cloud,” said Barry Phillips, Panzura’s chief marketing officer.

Panzura as it is said, never fails to excite us and is so precise about the ways to reach its motive soon.