Google set to ban all Torrent related search results

Google set to ban all Torrent related search results
The Siliconreview
16 Febuary, 2017

Ever since the chief person responsible for KickAss Torrent was arrested in Poland for copyright infringement, money laundering, and other charges, torrent sites have been heavily targeted by various Government agencies in 2016. Another popular Torrent search engine,, mysteriously shut down just sixteen days after his arrest, leaving behind just a message for its multi-million user base - “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell”.

Following the site’s shutdown, several popular Torrent websites followed suit. However, most of the popular and frequently visited sites are still functional, but that might change soon. This time, Google is poised to take drastic steps to remove the menace of online piracy through Torrent websites by permanently banning torrent site links in search results from June 1, 2017.

Entertainment companies have long been poking Google to remove links that promote pirated content. Companies have always been asking Google to take severe measures and despite Google making several updates to prevent search results that promote pirated content from appearing, the company is almost always flooded with a billion take-down requests every year. It was not practically feasible for Google to act on each of those billion take-down requests.  

However, Google and other search engine companies are with entertainment companies to tackle the growing piracy menace. The discussion took place recently and was chaired by UK’s Intellectual Property Office. Recently, Google and the entertainment companies have reached a voluntary agreement to remove torrent site links from search results after three months.

Well,. It is all up to Google whether it shows torrent links in the search or not, but

Although there is nothing netizens can do as far as Google search is concerned, users need not really worry, as  bookmarking torrent sites and visiting them directly instead of searching in Google will still work.