YouTube launches its new double tapping feature

YouTube launches its new double tapping feature
The Siliconreview
07 Febuary, 2017

YouTube has introduced a new feature which is available on both android and iOS which lets us forward and rewind the video. But, apparently this facility is not available to everyone.

Double tapping the right or the left side will allow you rewind or forward the video and the speed is only limited to 10 seconds. When the app is in portrait or landscape mode it works in a similar way.

 No matter which type of device you use, the scrubber at the bottom was not exactly user-friendly on smaller displays, which makes the new double tap to forward a much welcomed addition to video navigation.

Recently, Canadian users are experimented for the new features introduced and the same is with the YouTube too because, they share approximately 15% videos more than any other countries.

Users can press play, next and pause or change volume using chromecast device from your iPhone by using it as a remote control.