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Amazon Prime might be your future Counselor for Clothes

siliconreview Amazon Prime might be your future Counselor for Clothes

Amazon has tried its best in acquiring as much as prime members it could inculcate. And it has succeeded, though not par as full-fledged.

What next?

Well, it might surprise you, but Amazon has included a new feature named as – “Outfit Compare” exclusively only for the prime members.

Outfit Compare, a feature that shall decide which clothe looks better on you and which work mildly for you. It asks the users to share their two photos wearing two outfits between which the decision shall be taken. The decision is based on factors queuing- fitting of the attire, which color suits you the best, how they’re styled, and what’s on trend.

After few minutes of posting the images, users will receive response from what you might think a random staff, but it’s actually from an Amazon stylist. Amazon claims it has hired stylist from varied backgrounds of fashion industry, including retail, editorial, styling and creative fields.

And what about the photos? Will they circulate on the internet or remain in the app?

The company claims that photos are viewed strictly by Amazon staff only. You can also delete the images from the Outfit Compare in-app experience itself, that shall redirect trashing of the image from the app and copies associated with your Amazon account.

So now you can leverage your trust.

For the comparison, Amazon has though not laid any ground rules, but they have asked their participants to take photos where you pose twice with a similar background. Say, you don’t fulfill this process, you are advised to take selfie in front of a full length mirror.

When your results arrive within a minute, the outfits are rated on a “style scale” that helps users in making their mind as what to wear for the specified occasion or a day. The options include- “Definitely pick this one”, “We like this better” and “It was a close call.”

Amazon mammoth has carefully crafted this feature only for the prime members; the non-prime members will be able to see the Outfit Compare feature in their app, but then shall be restricted in exploring the feature, instead they’ll be directed to sign up for the Prime if they want to get hold of it.

So are you ready for Outfit Compare or you still want to “Try Prime?”