Juniper’s Top Technologist Jumps Ship with the Rival Cisco

siliconreview Juniper’s Top Technologist Jumps Ship with the Rival Cisco

Networking Biggies Juniper and CISCO seem to be juggling between one talented employee. Networking vet Jonathan Davidson is re-joining Cisco a little less than a week after resigning from rival Juniper. Davidson served as executive vice president and general manager of Juniper Development and Innovation, for 7 years. He held multiple top executive positions at Juniper since 2010.

The ex-Juniper employee had previously worked for CISCO from 2000 until March 2010, where he served as director of Server Provider Solution Engineering and Director of Project Management, prior to joining Juniper.

“Jonathan drove strategy, development and business growth for Juniper’s entire portfolio – including networking solutions, routing, switching, data center, cloud, and security,” Kanouff wrote in a blog announcing Davidson’s hiring. “We couldn’t be more excited that Jonathan joins our journey as we usher in the next generation of networking and network automation innovation. He brings extensive experience in strategy and network engineering leadership as well as strong customer relationships that will serve us well.”

Davidson is joining Cisco's Service Provider business unit, as well as the company's senior leadership team, as the senior vice president and general manager of its Service Provider Networking organization.

If one has talent, and brains to prove it, industry giants line up to hire you; Jonathan is the best example for it.