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“Lenovo-Moto brand strategy works best in India” - says India head Sudhin Mathur

siliconreview “Lenovo-Moto brand strategy works best in India” - says India head Sudhin Mathur

According to Sudhin Mathur, the executive director of Lenovo MBG India who recently took over as the managing director of Motorola Mobility India too, India is the success story surely, when it comes to the Lenovo-Moto dual brand strategy.

While it is the Motorola brand that does well in the US and Europe, it is the Lenovo brand that works in APAC,” explains Mathur, explaining how in differently both the brands are doing fairly well in India. Both the brands Lenovo-Moto together is considered as the second largest in India. In comparison, when Lenovo started selling smartphones in India in 2013, it was number 31 in rank.

“We have been able to communicate with two sets of consumers and competition with these two brands. This has worked for us,” he highlighted, illustrating on how the two brands endure in spite of opposing each other in some segments. 

Mathur also added that it is significant for the brand policy and the products to sync if you have to stay alive in this competitive market. “We will continue to play on the challenger brand strategy. “It is not about challenging the industry or completion, but ourselves,” he elaborates. According to him the Moto strategy of offering mods for its new smartphones will be the strategy going ahead as there is a clear use case that is budding.

 “The possibilities are endless,” he said, adding that the three to four mods could be initiated every quarter. Working on range, the concepts Moto is adding immediate printers to four slim slots in the form of mods. As of now considered as premium strategy, but as they are backward like-minded they will have a wide play in the coming years, he added.

The company will be launching its Moto G5 Plus smartphone in India on March 15. Moto G5 Plus, which ships with Google Assistant, will be Flipkart exclusive in India.