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The coolest Ad ever: Apple launches new stickers in iMessage ‘Street Style’

siliconreview The coolest Ad ever: Apple launches new stickers in iMessage ‘Street Style’

The Steve “Apple” Jobs is a bag full of wonders and surprises. Being the leader of the smartphones world is not a merry affair. The Apple company is getting one step ahead from all other mobile because of its innovative ideas (remember the Airpods) and creativity in publishing its product.

Shortly after what I have said, if you may, go through the video recently uploaded by Apple in YouTube launching their new ad, you might find my statement valid. This new ad is about real-life “Sticker Fight” for the iphone 7.  With iOS 10, Apple has introduced stickers into iMessage. It is possible now to directly download and install apps from the Message apps and one can add any type of stickers from it. When compared to other messaging apps, in iMessage one can combine them and add stickers to an existing text message — by just dragging and dropping it into the messaging area. The iMessage sticker feature was first revealed with the launch of iOS 10.

The ad starts with a recipient proposing another recipient by sticking sticker, only to receive negative feedback. And then there is a rush in the coolest possible way in the street, when you can actually see teenagers going through a “street fight” and then a low-profile tiff inside a restaurant and ends the ad featuring two teenagers finding L’amour within themselves. The ad shows dozens and dozens of stickers for everyone and for every mood and emotions. No one shall be missed out.

Apple ads are not just the medium of marketing their ideas and phones, but it’s a way to teach the users about the different features that they might not be aware of.

So, when innovators like Tim Cook takes the podium to address about the customer satisfaction, they are in way are also informing the customers about the lining between an iOS and an android phone. Apple also stays vigilant about what their customers might want more from them and as such keeps on reinforcing the idea that their customers made a wise decision by opting for an iPhone, an apple product.

See it for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBfk1TIWptI