Two Giants ‘Adobe’ & ‘Microsoft’ Working Jointly on Artificial Intelligence

Two Giants ‘Adobe’ & ‘Microsoft’ Working Jointly on Artificial Intelligence
The Siliconreview
2017 March, 2017

In an effort to offer enhanced products and provide customers more automated, intelligence-based experiences, Adobe and Microsoft have joined hands to work together on artificial intelligence (AI),  a top Adobe official said.

Brad Rencher, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Marketing, of Adobe said that “the two tech giants were working on standard data models and sharing of core libraries between Adobe's Sensei and Microsoft's Cortana, both based on artificial intelligence.”

A search tool ‘Cortana’ can orally give answers to search queries and Sensei - a set of intelligent services from Adobe - puts together the advertising, marketing and analytics products offered on Cloud with back up of creative and documentation.

The Adobe products can now use data from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Azure into Sensei for intelligent machine learning. Sensei now will enter into Microsoft tools soon. Rencher, however, said no discussion had taken place on how to monetize the collaboration.

Sharing his views in Adobe's presence in India, Rencher said that it was the best and fastest growing market and they have had a very sizeable amount of the company's research taking place in India, including on Sensei.

"Reliance Industries was looking at how to integrate data across all its various divisions and Adobe had helped a very old newspaper, Malayala Manorama, to completely digitise its functions across the board," Explained Rencher.

He went on saying he did not believe that it could replace the creative side of human beings, despite the massive amount of research taking place on AI,

"What AI can do is reduce the time taken in intelligent data crunching and sometimes understanding what went wrong very quickly," Rencher added.

"By cutting six months of manual research to, say two minutes, it adds huge amount of strength to the creative aspects of human beings," he noted.