Two giants Flipkart & Facebook teamed up to craft apps lighter for sluggish networks

Two giants Flipkart & Facebook teamed up to craft apps lighter for sluggish networks
The Siliconreview
16 March, 2017

The E-Commerce giant ‘Flipkart’ recently announced that it is working with another giant ‘Facebook’ to make sure that the users of their apps and websites on sluggish networks and low-cost smartphones don't get stuck behind by buffering or the need for updates.

"I am working with Facebook to converge our solution — which allows users to skip updates to apps — and there is a platform called React Native to see if we can share each other's learnings and make one unified product for the developer community to leverage," said Amar Nagaram, vice president of engineering at Flipkart.


Nagaram also informed that the developers from both companies are working on the project via open source.

"The whole idea was to make the site work on low networks, which means consuming low data, without compromising the experience," he said.

The social networking giant ‘Facebook’ choose not to respond immediately to a query on the matter.

As of September 2016, about partly of Flipkart's 100 million registered app users, visit the mobile site. At least 70 million who do not have the app use Flipkart Lite, mostly on sub-$100 devices that work on 2G networks.

The company has build a double plan where it shoves its app to users of high-end smartphones and proffer an app-like practice to those who are using low-cost smartphones devoid of requiring them to download the app.

The company with a wish to augment the figure of users who access the site on the web, willing to get better Flipkart Lite mobile site, which doesn't use too much data. Nagaram added that these the two behaviors will ultimately congregate, a idea that the tech giant Google is also working on.