Snapchat introduces custom Stories feature with an aim to broaden user base

Snapchat introduces custom Stories feature with an aim to broaden user base
The Siliconreview
25 May, 2017

Popular image messaging and multimedia app Snapchat recently announces a new feature to generate custom Stories. The all new feature will offer an ease to users to share stories and invite friends to share Stories around major events, family gatherings, parties and more. Custom Stories can be created by a user and a variety of other friends can be added to the story using Snapchat’s geofencing feature. Instagram, that has been in the news lately for copying many of Snapchat’s features, was first to carry out this concept in it’s popular ‘wedding hashtags’.

How does it works- In order to create a story, the users can just tap the “Create Story” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Stories page. The story also can be named and friends can be invited to participate from anywhere around the world. Nearby friends can be further added simply as Snapchat creates a 1 block geofence around the user’s current location. If a story hasn’t been updated within a 24-hour period, it fades away in typical Snap fashion.

The majority of youth audience of Snapchat can very effortlessly use the custom stories feature at prom, graduation, weddings and birthday parties to attract more friends to share their own Snaps on the story. Also, while navigating during the Snap Stories of their friend’s users will observe extra rings featuring convinced locations based on who has tagged that location within their own posts.

Snapchat, after facing setbacks in their first earning reports, felt pressure for creating a larger user base and getting users spend more time on the app. Deliberately, custom stories would help users share their story by alluring their friends to any nearby event, inviting lapsed users to begin posting again. This may not be sufficient, but it is surely a step in the right direction to fight next to Instagram.