Google’s face recognition technology to be added into home-security camera

Google’s face recognition technology to be added into home-security camera
The Siliconreview
08 June, 2017

Nest labs is planning to use the face recognition technology of Google in high resolution home security camera.  This technology is expected to bring an additional safety to the homes. The use of artificial intelligence and its impact in the face recognition technology has been a topic of discussion for a while. As Nest labs and Google belong to the same parent company, Alphabet Inc. You no longer have to worry about what’s happening back in home, while you are away. With the new technology you can program the camera in a way to automatically recognize a child, friend or neighbor, whoever that is.

The technology is called ‘Nest Cam IQ’, which is the first attempt of the company to enable human like skills similar to Google. And this has already gained public popularity as it brings in the face recognition technology. Before Facebook has enabled a similar feature which could recognize as well as tag those familiar faces and this technology is being adopted by Nest as well. The cam IQ can monitor the activities and note down any kind of unusual behaviors, which is quite different from the normal patterns.

 The new camera will begin shipping in late June for almost $300. You'll also have to pay $10 a month for a plan that includes facial recognition technology.  It can also notify you when there is some event beyond the visual range, as if the sound of a barking dog or any such noises. This is one among the many advantages of it.