Indulge yourself in an extravaganza shopping experience with Amazon

Indulge yourself in an extravaganza shopping experience with Amazon
The Siliconreview
12 June, 2017

Now you can avail Pinterest-like experience in Amazon and no, I am not having a LOL moment at the unique marketing strategy. The thick-money-acquirer has launched a shinning feature that offers shoppers a very personalized suggestion of products, which they might prefer to buy.

Called as “My Mix” this new feature is tied to Amazon’s “Interesting Finds” that was introduced last year itself. This “Interesting Finds” section evolved out of previous product called “Amazon Stream,” is the latest effort by Amazon to become popular among shoppers to and inspire them to shop and met all their requisite products and commodities. It started with few categories like women, men and Fun and has now gone to include more categories and sections keeping in mind of the needs of shoppers again.

Over the site, if you visit you can browse through varied products within its categories which can be broad as “Women,” “Bikes,” “Mid-Century,” etc. So one can visit the page and look for the items, favorite the items and later return to them under the “My Hearts” section to shop. You can also purchase the items directly by clicking through the product specified detail page.

“My Mix,” the new feature keeps on adding more products that buyers might like as they go through other products across “Interesting Finds,” thus Amazon keeps on building a customized shop with items it thinks the buyers might like considering its buying behavior.

What a new way to shop through Amazon, isn’t it?