iOS 11 is all set to get effortless features like Wi-Fi sharing, better Gmail notifications & much more

iOS 11 is all set to get effortless features like Wi-Fi sharing, better Gmail notifications & much more
The Siliconreview
08 June, 2017

As world is already been introduced to tech giant Apple’s iOS 11 recently, but there are few things about the platform that were not talked about on stage and have not been exposed by the developers who have previewed it already. Also the list of these new things is expected to be mounting further as the developers have established that the new iteration of iOS brings along an easy Wi-Fi sharing feature, native support for GIFs, and more. Independently, iOS 11 has been tipped to fetch Gmail push notifications back to their former speed as well as get bigger the NFC features beyond Apple Pay. Particularly, not all features in the developer preview may make it to the final public release.

If a report by 9To5Mac is to be believed, Apple's iOS 11, available extensively this fall, brings along a new feature that permits the users to share their Wi-Fi with friends or with their other devices by just a single tap. As per the report, the feature creates an alike pop-up notification like AirPods do for the concern of a connection.

Talking about the GIF support, although GIF images already gets support from assured platforms within the iOS, some of the Reddit users have establish that now the support for animated images has been added to the native Photos app with iOS 11, as per a report by The Next Web. This doesn’t come as a surprise that animated GIF support has also been added as the Live Photos were already widely supported within the Photos app, but it surely is a much desirable addition.

As per a report by TNW, remarkably, the tech giant company has also added a all new and innovative built-in screen recording functionality; this can also be pinned to the all-new customizable notification centre by users, as the users had to way out to third-party applications to attain this functionality, this absolutely comes as a welcome addition.

Coming to the Gmail push notifications, the users who got updated with iOS 11 will be able to witness a modification in the performance of the notifications for the better, as per a report by 9To5Mac. Gmail users using iOS will see Gmail notifications, from the account synced with device, have been coming with a holdup for moderately some time. However, if 9To5Mac report is to be believed, the issue is been solved finally with the forthcoming version of the platform.

Talking about the expanded NFC features, with iOS 11, Apple has further added the support for Core NFC to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, reports Engadget. Core NFC has been defined as "a new framework for reading Near Field Communications (NFC) tags and data in NFC Data Exchange Format" in the released documents, as per the report. While NFC chip in iPhone is currently used only for Apple Pay, the support for Core NFC specifies that the company tech giant has some future more plans lined up for the technology.