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Is Amazon stepping into the translation game?

siliconreview Is Amazon stepping into the translation game?

There were talks on Amazon’s plan to bring translation services for AWS customers. As we all know Amazon already has a significant ensemble of products in its arsenal. And a lot of them are based upon the premise of machine learning. And may be now as the reports say the cloud computing wing of Amazon might just be working on something that can help translate contents into multiple languages. Companies like Google have long back stepped into this area and is Amazon coming fairly late into this translation game?

The tech could come in pretty handy, for instance, in providing multi-lingual versions of client products to users. Clients on the other hand, would be dependent on Amazon’s technology but, would also be saved a truck load of trouble when expanding their services to different regions. Amazon already has machine-translation technology that it uses across the company to do things like provide product information in multiple languages and that makes it easy for the tech giants, both in investment as well as in deploying the technology. The field of machine translation has been exploding with activity in the past two years as researchers have found gains by adopting deep learning. Deep learning is a type of AI that involves training software systems, called neural networks, on lots of data — like text snippets labeled with translations.  The technology is expected to help clients all over the world in expanding their business but with the focus still on Amazon.