Lyft partners with NuTonomy, a self driving tech company

siliconreview Lyft partners with NuTonomy, a self driving tech company

Apart from the regular improvements and technologies that Uber hire, Lyft partners with a third self driving tech company to build a network of cars.  The company had partnered with the General Motors before- which also invested in the company — and its subsidiary Cruise. The company has recently closed a $600 million round valuing the company at $7.5 billion, has left the autonomous tech development to the autonomous tech companies — most recently Alphabet’s Waymo to focus on building a network of cars.

The deal will also give both Lyft and nuTonomy crucial data to later loop back into the software the companies are developing. Lyft, for instance, doesn’t have robust data on how its app should perform when hailing another human versus when it’s hailing a car. But the new partnership is about to bring combined features from both technologies.  The partnership concentrates on researching and later developing technology and software that can help with the passenger experience. The company is currently developing software that can make understand the customers how the car is working.

Slow and steady self driving technologies have already found its way to the automobile industry and there is no doubt the deal with Lyft — and a sure path to commercialization — might help nuTonomy secure more partnerships with carmakers. The partnership is about to bring huge success in the industry at the same time a big time competition for Uber although some confusions still exists.