IoT M2M has ventured to accelerate jobs for IoT sectors

IoT M2M has ventured to accelerate jobs for IoT sectors
The Siliconreview
22 July, 2017

The London-based IOT M2M Council a.k.a IMC is considered as one of the largest and fastest growing trade group in the technology sector known as the Internet of Things. The IMC is full power packed house with over 25, 000 members since the year 2014, and has recently announced its new business venture to launch its interactive job board known as the IMC Career Center. While the company’s focus will lay mostly in the IoT sector, the IMC Career Center will be providing its members and the ingrained industries at large an easy-convenient-to-use and highly targeted resources for online employment connections.

“We’re pleased to be able to act as a career hub for the industry because we know how critical it is for employers in the IoT sector to attract first-rate talent with a minimum expenditure of time and resources,” said Joey Young, Chairman of IMC and CTO at Digi International, “And it’s important to help enable smooth career transitions for those seeking industry jobs.”

The IMC Career Center has already promulgated close to 1,000 career openings, thanks to a joint agreement with Boxwood Career Solutions, an outsourced provider of career center.