Magellan will acquire, merge, manages and analyzes big data and big content

Magellan will acquire, merge, manages and analyzes big data and big content
The Siliconreview
22 July, 2017

In order to find solutions for optimal use of information within organizations, OpenText is introducing a new artificial intelligence platform Magellan.  OpenText is well known for the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions and this is part of their venture to bring machine learning to all phases of business management. The cognitive computing platform that Magellan offers follows the artificial intelligence and signal processing services in data management and analysis.  It will acquire, merge, manage and analyze big data and big content.

The technology makes use of the machine learning in all phases in data management and that includes decision making, automation, and business optimization and so on.  Also it focuses on reducing the time required to employ advanced analytics in the data management.  The solution is designed to enable customers to leverage Machine Learning to unlock the value of EIM data by analyzing customers, trading partners, employees, orders, invoices, cases, documents and other data managed in these systems.  The OpenText Magellan is part of the OpenText EIM portfolio that assists the organizations in better analysis of their data and speeding up of the entire process. As a whole the system supports in delivering AI technologies much faster than the traditional methods also it creates algorithms with which business analysts can gain access to AI in a faster rate.