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Streamroot raises $3.2 million for P2P video delivery

siliconreview Streamroot raises $3.2 million for P2P video delivery

French startup Streamroot raise money for faster video delivery and lesser bandwidth consumption.

French company Streamroot just raised $3.2 million from Partech Ventures, Techstars Venture Capital Fund, Verizon Ventures and R/GA. The startup is taking advantage of WebRTC to make video streaming much cheaper.

When you’re watching a video on YouTube or Netflix, these companies send a video file to your device from their servers. It’s a simple one-way transaction between a data center and your device. That is one of the reasons why tech companies spend a ton of money on bandwidth because video files are heavy.

Streamroot wants to change this model by adding a p2p or a peer-to-peer layer. Companies like Dailymotion, Canal+, Eurosport and Russia Today have been using Streamroot’s technology so that not all videos come from their servers.

"Traditional server-based content delivery (CDN) is no longer adapted to colossal worldwide audiences and the demand for ever higher definition", explains Streamroot Co-founder and CEO, Pierre-Louis Theron. "Streamroot, meanwhile, scales naturally to audiences anywhere of any size. Using intelligent mesh networks and dynamic multi-sourcing of content, we offer both a more reliable and cost effective solution for broadcasters, and heightened quality for users."

"Today we are proud to be powering some of the world's largest live and VOD streaming platforms, delivering 50 to 80% of customers' traffic through our distributed delivery infrastructure", Theron adds.

Streamroot now powers 400 million video sessions per month. The company says that 50 to 80 percent of customers’ traffic now takes advantage of this distributed infrastructure.