Disney’s new streaming service is on your way

Disney’s new streaming service is on your way
The Siliconreview
14 Febuary, 2018

The word is now out that Disney will release its streaming service by 2019.

The service will be totally different from Netflix or Amazon Prime as R-rated content will not be present in the service which will be a plus for family viewing. And it will also have a lesser monthly rate.

The service will stream a lot of fan favourites like Marvel and Star Wars movies, which will delight children. There will be roughly four to five original movies and five TV shows to look forward to the first year.   

Disney CEO, Bob Iger announced that Disney will focus on quality over quantity to determine how to spend their content creation budget. He said the company has the opportunity to more on original product but it will not spend as much as Netflix is doing. He agreed to the fact that a few number of content would be needed but they would likely lean more in the direction of the HBO NOW model, investing in a select set of must-see programs like Game of Thrones and WestWorld, rather than a tsunami of titles intended to give the appearance of a huge catalogue of content.

Projects that are currently under development will also be moving onto the service. They include 3 Men and a Baby, Sword and the Stone, and Timmy Failure. Now it will be interesting to see how Disney will release some of their new live-action adaptations of the animated classics. While most have been a hit, a few have stumbled, like Pete’s Dragon. Seeing that they have moved Sword and the Stone onto the site, we can probably expect to see more of those animated films that don’t have a large fan base be released on the service.