Vodafone requested by PETA not to use pugs in advertisements

Vodafone requested by PETA not to use pugs in advertisements
The Siliconreview
03 April, 2018

Animal welfare organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India on Monday requested telecom company Vodafone to stop using pugs in its advertisement, saying that "not normal dogs" are always in pain.

Vodafone India Ltd CEO Mr. Sunil Sood recently received a letter from PETA, which said that the pugs are genetically compromised species with exaggerated features developed to look cute but this causes them an enormous amount of pain including difficulty in breathing.

Recently, around 30 pugs were featured in the Vodafone advertisement.

Vodafone was asked to pass a policy to prohibit the use of animals in entertainment where they often become scared and overwhelmed by the confusion, loud noises, bright lights, and countless retakes on film sets.

The CEO of PETA also mentioned that pugs are prone to many issues like dental disease, spinal deformities, and intolerance of exercise, skin infection and eye problems, like lagophthalmos. He also highlighted the fact that pugs have a hard time in India’s climatic condition making them susceptible to heatstroke in high temperatures.

PETA said that unaware of the pain that pugs go through most people first buy the dog only to later dump them.

"As a veterinarian and the CEO of PETA India, I'm writing to you on behalf of our more than 10 lakh members and supporters to urge you to stop using pugs in your advertising," Mr. Manilal Valliyate, CEO PETA India, said in his letter.